Whiterime Ridge terrain bug - you get stuck on ice sheet

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Whiterime Ridge terrain bug - you get stuck on ice sheet

Postby Vanatorul_Roman » October 7th, 2021, 2:47 pm

At these coordinates (x= -4915 y= -13360 and x= -4960 y= -13316) even if the ice tiles are bonded , if you step on them, no matter where, you get stuck and the eternal go to a cabin follows. These are the only acces ways to roam free on that ice area to hunt or harvest polar bear bodies. I got stuck there multiple times in frustration and lost a lot of time becaue of these glitches. Please do something and fix that as soon as possible, otherwise me and many others will abandon the idea of hunting polar bears on ice sheets. Thank you.

if I will found other choke points like the ones reported I will make another bug report, helping you solving these issues. I hope you appreciate my effort and my good will.

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