Dogs Reset Performance-Wise

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Dogs Reset Performance-Wise

Postby TheSheWolf » June 8th, 2018, 7:20 pm

Note: this is a THEORY and would require testing, but another thread where I discussed with other players, along with personal experience, definitely suggests something's wrong here. Even if my guess on the cause is wrong, something is definitely wrong with the dogs at the moment.

Dogs appear to completely reset their performance to level 1 levels when the player uses a different type of dog. The displayed level and required XP remains the same.


When switching from a Scenthound to a Retriever, or vice-versa, the dog seems to revert to level 1 behavior. I.e. if I'm out tracking with my scenthound, and then go on a duck hunt with my retriever, a large number of commands will return a question mark - ?. Then upon returning to the scenthound, despite being level 35, the dog returns about half of commands with a ?. Most blood tracks are also failed within a few tracks, even on dead, bow-shot animals.

It takes them awhile of constant use to return to near-normal levels, which suggests to me that they're having to invisibly level up to level 5 or 10 or whatever all over again.

Steps to Reproduce: As stated; just take a high-levelled dog out, and give it a bunch of commands. Check the % of fails/successes, maybe, or look right at the code if you guys can do that. Then switch dog type (or maybe even individual dogs, I don't know as I only have one of each). Use it. Switch back and check that % again. It's as if the dog's back to level 1, though it still shows the expected level and XP.
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Re: Dogs Reset Performance-Wise

Postby Reggy » June 9th, 2018, 12:41 pm

Have experienced the same or similar thing. Usually have the Scent dog (Lvl 31) and took out the Retriever (lvl 24) and he could not find the goose 5 meters away. Next hunt went back to the scent hound and pressing P got a ? 3-4 times in a row. He would lose the track with blood in sight, have to have him track each blood track-heart/lungs so lots of blood and only 5-7 tracks. He just could not find the dead animal the first 2 times. Lost the track with the animal (dead) in site. Although it was kinda funny to see him sitting on a bear with a ? something is not correct. After several animals he was ok again. He had been walking back & forth in front of me, getting in my way, barking, etc. After a few successful trackings (finding animal) he acted normal, trained. Note he only found 2 out of the first 5. All where in sight, lung shots, lots of blood, no fleeing tracks only blood tracks and he still could not find animal. He WOULD get stuck and/or sit on them though.

Put him away, took out retriever ended hunt. Started new hunt took out scent hound, he acted like a puppy again.

I think there is something to this Theory.
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