Suggestions =P

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Suggestions =P

Postby Prophet55 » December 2nd, 2008, 7:54 am

Well here is my suggestions list.
Now I have seen already some suggestions of other members that are the same, but some don't :lol:

Season Mode: (Summer, fall, winter & spring)
Weather System (Rain, snow, heavy fog, ...)
Day/Night Cyclus
2 or more player transportation (Jeep, boat,...)
Hunting Missions
Small Game: (Rabbits, pheasants, ducks, wood pigeons, ...)
Maps:( America, Europe, Africa)
Market: (sell & buy)
Hunting dog
Dangerous animals
Growing vegetation (maybe like corn and is harvested in fall)

Season mode explains itself :lol:
Also does weather system and Day/Night cyclus

2 or more player transportation:
Well it would be nice to pick up a ingame friend or friends and drive to an hunting area and will encourage team hunting.
(You could give friends permission to drive the jeep but it can't be stolen! :D )

Hunting Missions
You could go on hunting mission for making money and earn skills.
Some Idea's for hunting missions:
The Farmer: A farmer got some pests with rabbits, pigeons, ...)
Game Warden: Inspection that players are following some basic rules (like having a license, not shooting at other hunters, shooting animals in breed time, shooting to many of one kind, ...)
This could be done by going to a other player(hunter) and look at his "playinghistory" of that playingsession
If that persons has some illegal activities they can be fined by the warden (fines must be standard and not up to the warden to think of)

Animals Because I am from Belgium and like to see some animals that live here like Pheasants, ducks, wood pigeons, rabbits, ...) ;)

Maps or worlds
Maybe for solving the animal suggestion players could choose which world to join in the begin of an hunting session.
Like America, Europe, Africa. In those worlds you will find the animals and vegetation that you will find in that side of the "real" world.

Player could go to the market for buying items, gear, ... but also for selling the killed animals that they have bagged.
But the prices given for the meat would be higher if the demand is high and low when the demands are low .
Example (Thanks giving in America, Players should get more for a turkey :lol: )

Hunting Dog
It would be nice of having a hunting dog that would help finding small game and fetch it also to find deers that have been wounded.

Dangerous animals
Just a example for some realism
You're walking in the forest, some steps away you find a blood trail and some meters away you find a animal (deer, rabbit, ...) tore apart by a bear. Also hearing some bear sounds in that range would frighten me :D
Also if there are bears that will wound and kill players, it may not always be one bear! it could sometimes be 2,3, ... bears
Hunting alone on some top hunting area's would be very difficult and a helping hand of a friend would be encouraged.

Growing vegetation
It would also be nice to have some growing vegetation like corn, In fall it would be harvested and wood pigeons are easy to find on the fields (the food is attracting them) in winter when the fields are plowed deer are easy to find.
Also cutting some threes for better open hunting range would be nice.

Some other suggestions like
No XBOX layout and all keys must me changeable, system spec, ...
are the way for bringing a good system and relaxed gameplay

Well that are mine suggestions 8-) hopefully the developers would pay some attention to what the community wants! that way there game would be a great success for themselves and for the community.
greatings ;)
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Re: Suggestions =P

Postby Fabled Foe » December 2nd, 2008, 9:03 am

Sounds like fun... Shooting to many of one kind?

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