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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby blendy » November 10th, 2017, 11:28 am

Whitehart Island
1) Compound Bow Pulsar (Forest Camo) : to hunt turkeys, but also other animals /5-Pin Compound Bow Sight

2)223 Bolt Action Rifle (Marble) : to shoot long distances to turkeys and coyotes / 12x50mm Rifle Scope

3) 308 "Rival" Handgun : to shoot the deer long distances / 2-4x20mm Handgun Scope

the items in the inventory change them according to the animal you want to attract,

This is the equipment that I usually carry to hunt turkeys, hunt turkeys to bow
  although if a coyote comes out, deer can shoot more than 100m, for when they are not in range of the bow

I have prepared the reserve to hunt turkeys as you can prove

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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby UnityOryxs » November 10th, 2017, 12:20 pm

Reserve: Hirschfelden
Weapons:Compaud Bow ''Pulsar'' - Black to hunting Red Foxe's, Rcurve Bow - Carbon to hunting Roe Deer's, .44 Revolver - Silver to hunting Red Deer's, 8x57 IS Anschütz 1780 D FL to hunting wild boars.
Scope's :Aimpoint H34L to Anschütz, 2-6 x 20mm Handgun Scope - Black to .44 revolver, 5 pin compaud Bow Sight - Black
Callers: Hog ''squeal'' Caller, Predator ''jackrabbit'' Caller, Red deer Caller, Roe Deer Caller, Pheasant Caller.

And nothing build on my reserve ;)
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby charlemagne » November 10th, 2017, 1:19 pm

hello everybody ,

sorry for my bad english but i am french and it is not very easy for me ^^.

everyone as answered with a personnal loadout . For me the hunter is alsow a multi player game , and so i will post my mutliplayer " beaten hunt " "driven hunt" loadout on hirschfelden.

I havent got a lot of stuff so excuse me .


description :
with this loadout i can shoot midle an big animals at about every range i want.

The r8 blaser is a nice rifle for medium animals and a nice rifle for big animals and technical shooting

with aimpoint for short and medium range and some times nice long range ( feral hog at 214 meters once)

with the 3-9x42 scope for medium and long range.

the .300 is a nice rifle for big animals and long range shooting

with 2-10x42 scope for middle and long range

with the treestand you can get on the top of a tree and have a nice view around you to shoot animal at any range and without getting spotted .

and also binoculars because always with me ^^

and a feral hog caller to let the hog come back by calling them when they stop running .

- R8 blaser 6.5x55
- carbon bolt action rifle .300


- aimpoint micro h1 for blaser
- 3-9x42 for blaser
- 2-10x42 for .300


-feral hog caller
-8x42 binoculars

i hope this loadout a bit particular will please some of the forum's hunter .
and thanks for this really greatfull game
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby Jagdreviermeister » November 10th, 2017, 1:22 pm

I prefer this Setup for Timbergold Trails. Besides the callers it fits many other reseves aswell. Which makes it so attractive to me:

No Boundaries

Slot 1: 45-70 Government, scoped with the 12x50 Rieflescope (Enough firepower to conquer angry bears from point blank range till 200m+.)
Slot 2: Heavy Recurve Bow (Silence, combined with power. Ideal for taking down an entite Elk herd one by another.)
Slot 3: .308 "Highwayman" Handgun, scoped with the 2-4x20 Handgun Scope. (Wolves and Mule Deer are easy prey for this piece of candy.)

Equipment & Caller:
16x50 Spottingscope (Its magnification is outstanding! A must have on all hunting trips.)
7x42 "Rangefinder" (Very useful when hunting with a bow. It also sets location points on the map.)
Deer "Grunt" Caller
Elk "Bugle" Caller
"Elk Calf" Wolf Caller
1 extra pack of Recurve Bows (as just one won't be enough and ther's some space left in the backpack.)
Tent (Just one word: YES!*)
Scent Eliminator (Lets the prey come very close towards you. Ideal for bowhunting or sneaking up to the action.)
First Aid Kits (I hate retiring at a lodge after I fell off a cliff or got surprised by a bear or a hog. So this one is ace!)

*Sometimes a hunt develops quite different from the actual plan. So for this reason, to be able to deal with any possible situation, I use to have a tent with me. When you're in the middle of nowhere, far away from a lodge and you run out of Ammo or you wounded an animal and need your scent hound, you'll have some advantages with a tent equipped. 99% filled backpack with the option of changing/refilling items if necessary.

Happy hunting,

EDIT: Removed typing mistakes.
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby lx188 » November 10th, 2017, 1:30 pm

"Whitehart Island my favarite setup!! ;D dont understand how picture can get here ;))

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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby lowby » November 10th, 2017, 1:57 pm

This is my Whitehart Island loadout.

The Island Dream

1. Parker Python bow so I can be sneaky and take out those elk cows that always end up getting in your face when calling in a male.
2. 50Cap lock muzzleloader in case I feel like going loud and the ammo is premitted for all species on the map.
3. The Grasshopper for turkeys flying away or in the distance.

Of course I bring all the callers including the turkey locator and a trusted tree stand that I like to use when calling in bobcats or coyotes.

As for large equipment I would say 2tents (forest camo), a tree stand (basic camo), a tripod stand (basic camo) and a ground blind (basic camo).

The reason I love this loadout is because it gives me alot of versatility I can go sneaky,loud or put a stand up and sit still for a while all without haveing to go back to a tent or lodge to change things.
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby askrobert1234 » November 10th, 2017, 2:41 pm

Loadout Name:

"Settler Creeks | Traditional Hunting Loadout"

The Loadout:



In this loadout, I have the following weapons equipped:

1.) The ".50 Cap Lock Muzzleloader" - for anything that needs to be taken down at mid to long range, and it is usable on every animal in this map larger than a turkey and bobcats.

2.) For anything smaller than turkey/bobcats (In this map's case, only Cottontail Rabbits) - or for anything that requires a stealthy takedown in general, I bring @InstinctiveArcher's beautiful "Heavy Recurve Bow" with me to dispatch it quietly, and efficiently.

3.) Last, but not least - I brought the ".454 Revolver | El Bisonte" along for the ride. Usually, I will have my long colt on my side - but this is solely for emergency purposes and still fits in with both our hunting style and "traditional clothing" aesthetic. And, trust me - if you get rushed by a hog that you didn't know was there - you will be thankful to have this monster of a handgun resting at your hip.

Callers & Carried Items:

The equipment and callers that you will want to bring with you on this map are as follows:

1.) Binoculars (In this case, Rangefinder Binoculars - but I shoot instinctive, so this does not have any practical use for ME with my bow)
2.) Deer "Grunt" Caller - To be able to call in the whitetail bucks you may come across within the reserve.
3.) Hog "Squeal" Caller - You will find wild hogs scattered all throughout this reserve... and often, when you least expect it. This will help you bring them in close.
4.) Elk "Bugle" Caller - Some of the largest elk I have ever harvested in previous seasons were on this map. Being plentiful on the northern half of the reserve, I would highly recommend bringing this along.
5.) Turkey Box Caller - Turkey are very skittish and can spook if they see or hear you coming from great distances. This will help draw them in.
6.) Turkey Locator Caller - To go hand-in-hand with your box caller, I highly recommend this to pinpoint areas with turkeys, or to see if they have moved since your last box call.
7.) Predator Caller (In Backpack) - In certain areas of the reserve, you may find bobcats. This caller isn't GUARANTEED to work on them; but it can - and might.
8.) Scent Eliminator - Your new best friend! (depending on what you're hunting). One spray of this and you're good to go even if the wind isn't completely in your favor!
9.) Camping Supplies - This will allow you to teleport either back to your tent (for a cost), or back to a lodge (free), depending on which is closer to your goal!
10.) First Aid Kits! If not for yourself, bring these for a friend. You never know when something can go wrong. And with wild pigs around, it's possible!

With this setup I can call, and hunt, any of the animals in the reserve. You may need to swap your predator caller (or scent eliminator) with your turkey locator while out in the field, but this is relatively quick and painless. Overall, it offers a satisfying blend of a good ol' black powder rifle, and a beautiful handmade teak and maple Recurve. Hunt like they have for centuries, without the constant worry about which one is ethical for which species!

Large Equipment To Include:

1.) Ground Blind (Basic Camo) - Very effective for turkey hunting.
2.) Tree Stand (Basic Camo) - Effective for hunting of all species - especially if you have not yet leveled your Recurve and need that scent/sight reduction edge.
3.) Happy Campter Tent (Forest Camo) - Effective for setting up a rest site where you can spawn in and make your way to your turkey, elk, or predator hunting setups.
4.) Bear Bait Barrel (Optional) - If you enjoy hunting bear, but don't want to scan the riverbeds and forests looking for them - this will make hunting them more efficient.

Story Behind the Loadout:

Story time! --- Overall, I have always been fascinated by traditional archery, traditional hunting, and (in general) just the overall style that comes along with both. My great grandfather, or "Ol' Gramps", as I called him - would always tell me these wild stories of when he used to go hunting or fishing - (and I was captivated by this, with my parents and immediate family that didn't allow hunting -or even target shooting). --- But, he often included some valuable life lessons with his tales.

He taught me that you only take what you need; and if you take too much - give the rest away. "If you are going to hunt or fish: do it like it's always been done - give yourself a challenge... Give the animal a fair chase - and if you're worthy of getting a kill - you'll get one, by the grace of God."

By the time I was old enough to be on my own and buy my first gun, I was convinced that the maintenance and the edge you get with rangefinder scopes, compound bows, high powered rifles, etc. - was too great, or just plain unnecessary... But I tried them out anyways. After trying a Savage Arms 30-06, a custom .223 AR-15, and a Mossberg 500 12GA - I instead found myself following in my great grandfathers footsteps - and fell in love with black powder rifles, traditional archery, and antique firearms (like my 1943 Russian Mosin Nagant, and my 1906 Black Powder revolver).

In short, - In the memory of my great grandpa, and for the love of the traditional style - I have created this traditional hunting loadout for when I decide to delve into the heart of Settler Creeks.

The only thing that I've added to this loadout (that I doubt he would initially approve of, but would agree for practical reasons) is the addition of the .454 revolver. Back where we grew up, we had black bear EVERYWHERE, and with how common Coyotes were, and how often they would go after his livestock, I know having something on your side with the power to stop them in their tracks if they showed up unexpectedly would be highly appreciated. -- (and I know, you cannot hunt 'yotes in TheHunter with one, haha!

Thank you for reading, and for your consideration in making this an official loadout for others to enjoy!
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby Tanngnjostr » November 10th, 2017, 2:59 pm

Here's my "Crocodile Dundee Full Bushranger Loadout" (without the knife, what a pity):


The .223 semi-automatic clearly is the star here. It's great for hunting foxes, goats and kangaroos and your hunting buddies will barely notice if you need a quick follow-up shot. Looks sexy with the corresponding scope!
The .30R O/U Break Action Rifle is one of the more recent additions to theHunter's gun cabinet. It's a powerful beauty and the feral hogs will hate it. It's also another choice for goats and roos - drops them even with bad shot placement, just in case!
The "Grasshopper" rounds off the loadout, it's just too much fun to zap those Euro bunnies with it. Nice scope too!

Besides the weapons we got the rangefinder binos (of course), a caller and some scent spray for hogs - and a first aid kit in case they see you before you see them. The Jackrabbit caller and the predator decoy are a deadly duo for red foxes - set them up, lay down on a hill or stone and get the .223 ready! Speaking of the .223... bring some extra ammo - did I mention this thing is fast? And don't forget the scent eliminator.
Regarding large equipment, we need a tent in arid camo because real adventurers don't sleep in lodges! Add a mineral feeder, a hog feeder and a tripod stand and the bundle is ready...

Now wait! There's also a variant that I call the "Crocodile Dundee No Piggies Loadout" - it's the same bundle, but you bring slightly different stuff with you:


We leave the Break Action rifle and all the feral hog stuff at home and pack the tripod stand instead. Maybe you wondered why I included it in the bundle in the first place? Even though it's heavy, you just need to carry it with you if you're hunting in the desert. Once you get a fox call close to render range, put down the tripod, hit the Jackrabbit caller - and have fun! If you find a burrow system, put the tripod into the middle of it, wait a few minutes (a good time for Lane Bandit - not included in this loadout!) and draw that Grasshopper once you see the first ears stick out of a hole. Granted, all you can do against hogs with this variant is run and heal yourself, but what does it matter if you stay in the west?

That's it, guys. Hooroo!
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby 99Bruno99 » November 10th, 2017, 3:59 pm

My Whiterime Ridge Normal Loadout (99Bruno99 in-game)
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby BoerBR » November 10th, 2017, 6:30 pm

This is my loadout when I go to Bushrangers Run. Hope you like it! :D

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