Fairer operation

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Re: Fairer operation

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Really good post. Hopefully, it will do some good.

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Re: Fairer operation

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Farzteo wrote: December 27th, 2023, 7:33 am
InvisibleFlame9 wrote: You're wrong mon amis. For two reasons. #1) It's a shame you call that a problem and you should be deeply ashamed of yourself for not finding better problems to conquor or you wouldn't be talking this way. #2) To complain that the comps require more "luck" than experience makes it sound like you don't know what you're talking about because if you did know what you were talking about you would know how to have fun, and not complain about stupid sh*t. You're lucky I'm not one of the moderators because I wouldn't tolerate this kind of pettiness.
Pettiness? No, just reality. Let's take a real competition, Formula 1 for example; Luck is only a small part of the race, while skill goes much further. The majority of "competitions" here are based on weight or score, things over which the player has absolutely no control, so it's simply luck. some will take 15 minutes to find the animal they need while others will hunt 30 animals for 8 hours without ever finding it, where is the skill in that?
I find it ironic that you are complaining about having disadvantages in competitions due to having inferior hardware. Then proceed compare your situation to Formula 1 races, which are mostly decided by the car quality.

Go build the cheapest shifter kart you can and start racing if you really want to see an unfair advantage.

Like most problems in life, money can fix it.


Also, I would like to remind everyone here that there was a time when people complained the LOWER settings had an unfair advantage because of reduced foliage making it easier to spot animals.
If anything, the increased render distance evens out the playing field for most competitions, with the exception of long-range competitions. Long range competitions have always been about finding a place with the greatest elevation difference between you and the animal, that's just how it is.

The distances in the game aren't far enough to require actually long-range shooting skills.
If it were my choice, I would turn the render distance to a mile, and give us the ability to adjust for windage and elevation. Then I would use my years of competitive long range shooting experience to take all of your EM$ :twisted:
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Re: Fairer operation

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Long distance competitions are an exploit.
Short distance competitions are an exploit.
So I do not enter them.
If some players want to do them and feel ok on the win, its up to them.
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