Please Fix the Goat Feeder

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Please Fix the Goat Feeder

Post by Bort »

I recently got the mineral block feeder to start getting into hunting feral goat. In about 30 game sessions after the feeder was active I saw a total of TWO goats, not in the same session, anywhere near the feeder.

I've spoken to a handful of fellow players asking about it and the response was it's been like that, broken (doesn't work) for years.
What gives? Will you please fix it, devs?

And since I'm trying to get this issue some attention (probably again?), suggestion:
Make the mineral block feeder more useful so we need more of them.
In real life mineral blocks attract all goats and even some deer species.
They should in the game, too, in my opinion. Maybe not for all deer but it should attract Dall Sheep, Ibex, and Bighorn.
Especially Ibex because in real life those animals cling to nearly vertical dam walls to lick the salt and other minerals off of it.
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Re: Please Fix the Goat Feeder

Post by LittleDeer »

Goat feeders are pretty broken I admit but this almost seems like the feeder bug rather than the goat issue, try picking your feeder up and placing it 10-15 meters away from said location.

Goat feeders 'work' but for some reason they dont hold attraction like the other bait species maybe Its down to the fact there a large herding animal and the lead animal gets out of attraction radius? Goat attraction is only 140m versus 220 for the other species what is why there very inconsistent.
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