Snow goose, Score spotting estimates

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Snow goose, Score spotting estimates

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Hello! folks came to my attention to day that snow geese scoring is bugged whilst the weight will remain correct there spotting score Is incorrect below is an example This goose shot by Andhill to confirm scored 4238 (LVL 20 Spotting) so there's for sure a bug here.

if I were to guess they got copy and pasted off magpies and whilst the developers changed the weight they forgot to change the score estimates, It would be great If this could be changed because a 0.4kg weight range for level 20 spotting Is drastically more range than level 20 spotting of 275* It makes selecting the big geese out of flocks pretty tough!

TLDR: All geese that are classed as 'big' geese (4000+) will always show as 4000mx estimate never anything higher despite scoring over it.

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