Celebrate Yourself?

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Re: Celebrate Yourself?

Postby Pupic » October 16th, 2018, 11:36 am

Pupic............................. 8 years / 17,938 shots missed :D
And since i mostly spend my time competing i should mention 678 trophies to this day. ( i remember during the first year i was so proud with those first 6-7 trophies, now it doesn't have much sense piling them up - its just one ugly habit )
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Re: Celebrate Yourself?

Postby BCKidd » October 16th, 2018, 12:28 pm

BCKidd................. 1st login to forum Jan 2012- been here since. Six years (+ -). Met some awesome folks and have a lot of trusted friends here. I'm still not an advocate for MP. Moderated the forum way back when Tod and a few others started modding. Turned in my mod badge a long time ago. Haven't played anything else since finding theHunter. Like Pupic- I mostly play the comps. I have found some awesome trophies have won a few comps- have golds, silvers, and a few more bronzes. My rifle and bow collection has certainly grown. The game is awesome, the community is awesome- what more could we ask for?! Long live theHunter Classic and its awesome community!!! ;) 8-) Peace.


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