Community Lynx Thread- Tips, Help and Screen Shots

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Re: Community Lynx Thread- Tips, Help and Screen Shots

Postby gas56 » October 17th, 2018, 4:23 pm

Actually I under estimate the distance the lynx calls from on the hunter mate where it is too close just under 100 meters away, and set up a Tree Stand which spooks
them away. I've learned to set the E-caller down there and then back up 30 meters and set up my TS and then turn the E-caller on. I get a lot more Lynx & Bobcat
come in this way. Now if it looks really far away on the Hunter mate I set up my TS and then put the E-caller 30 meters ahead and then turn it on and sneak back to the
TS. It's actually nothing new calling animals in this way except now you are using the E-caller with your ambush strategy and a lot of players are overlooking the ease of it even if
they have done it with hand held callers on other animals. Too bad the HM didn't have exact distance in Meters from you to the animal calling..... :D

One thing I wanted to mention, the Lynx & Bobcat have that bug circling thing sometimes when they go into roaming mode where they don't go out of the spot once they were fleeing
and will spook when you can't see them over a hump or a hill when you get too close to them without you even knowing it. That can only be seen in an open view how they do that.
The clue to that they've been doing that is the circle of tracks that they leave behind when you get to the roaming track.
Once they get stuck in this loop it may be several hundred yards of repeating this step until they come out of it if you keep pursuing them.
It's best to give them a long waiting time,.. as I've tried 15 minutes IRT which didn't change a thing.
This was all posted way earlier in this post,.. so a lot of stuff can be learned about lynx by reading the whole post.
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Re: Community Lynx Thread- Tips, Help and Screen Shots

Postby Villkatta » October 17th, 2018, 5:47 pm

I'm not an expert by far when it comes to lynx, but I find that using scent instead of the e-caller and waiting on the ground instead of a TS is far more reliable + removes the danger of spooking the cat.
Getting within 150m is not that hard, and out of my 16 kills(where 2 or 3 where killed without scent), only one never came(because it decided to sleep...).
This method is so reliable, it's almost boring. It can be used on random calls or when you track down a particular lynx.

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Re: Community Lynx Thread- Tips, Help and Screen Shots

Postby HooCairs » October 30th, 2018, 5:56 am

My experience from hunting the lynx recently.

Stalking: I used to be able to stalk them and eventually see and shoot them. Now they spook from very far out and I wonder what I do different, or whether something else has changed. I am using Hemmeldal camo.

E-Caller: When getting a lynx call and setting the e-caller up, it will spook the lynx no matter how far away. Unless the e-caller is already placed in the right place, it is useless.

Predator caller: You need to be within 100m, but getting close often spooks the cat. Only works sometimes when you know exactly where the cat is thanks to it calling.

Scent spray: Easy to use and works fine, but the lynx takes an eteeeeeeernity to arrive. I have had several cases where I just gave up waiting (already received many calls from other animals), went to check where it was, and found that it was still coming in and then or course I made it flee.

The lynx is a ton of work right now and the fun is limited.

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