Being on time with prizes.

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Re: Being on time with prizes.

Postby J_Birdman » February 23rd, 2018, 6:26 pm

VonStratos wrote:This "issue" has been around for a looong time, i don't think EW will fix it soon, but can some mod/admin at least crate an sticky topic in the forum explaining how solve the thing? its too common to have people that come to report the same problem (and they are not at fault) and a stick topic in the general section forum may solve at least in part the issue.

Good idea. And if EW simply cannot fix the issue, I would surely change Doc's "win" letters to include truthful and pertinent information which reflect the reality of when they can expect the em$ and trophies to hit their account. Personally, I'm all for a short grace period of about 1-3 days after winning a comp for prizes to be delivered, if the purpose is for anti-cheating(ie. sorting out cheaters/preventing cheaters from being rewarded the prize). I'm not sure if this is the intended purpose for the current/ongoing delay or not, though.

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