Let's sum up 2017!

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Re: Let's sum up 2017!

Postby Jackson11 » December 21st, 2017, 10:04 pm

3 highs:
1. Timbergold trails!
2. trophy lodge
3. piccabeen bay great animals!

1. piccabeen bay heat is very annoying!
cant think of any more


would like to see african reserve and cougar

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Re: Let's sum up 2017!

Postby InvisibleFlame9 » December 21st, 2017, 11:04 pm

Well, I'm new and only have a little over a month under my belt of gameplay to speak of so my this is going to be very simple post.

1.Trophy Lodges (This was the make or break feature for me and the tipping point of why I was willing to get into the game.
2. Bobcats. I Love them. They're not my favorite animal to hunt but I Love that kitties are in the game and that I have some in my lodge and that I can find them when I am in the mood for hunting them.
2. The beautiful resurves and the game in general.

Lows: Well I can say a lot here but it mostly has to do not with the game but with being charged for features that shouldn't cost me extra like loadouts. It's the feeling of being 'sold' even after I pay a lot of money for the poduct. I don't like people 'selling me poopoo' and it utterly sucks to feel like someone is selling me something even after I payed more than enough for a game. I resent that deeply and it taints my feelings about playing The Hunter. It doesn't warm my heart as my favorite games do. It taints my experience with anger and discomfort. And no amount of others 'accepting' this sleazy way of selling a game is going to cause me to 'normalize' and aclimate to what I don't accept. There are a great deal many things in this game I have no interest in paying extra for and if another game comes along that comes close to this that I can puchase and actually own...i'm off this train for sure.
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Re: Let's sum up 2017!

Postby Levado » December 22nd, 2017, 12:19 am

Patrick Enz wrote:2. Lows:
Too many fun devs leaving - Luna left, Alena left (temporarily!), Johanna left, Stefan got taken by the army. Sad times.

Luna left? Bummer! I was always very impressed with her work. In that case I'm not going to extend my membership in February with 1 year, but 3 months.
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Re: Let's sum up 2017!

Postby HooCairs » December 22nd, 2017, 3:25 am

Jackson11 wrote:3 highs:
1. Timbergold trails!

TT was released in October 2016. Yes, time is flying! ;)

I also feel it is pretty sad that Luna left. She was my hope for more website development. I know she was more back end but still, someone needs to make sure the nice features seen in the front also work in the back.
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Re: Let's sum up 2017!

Postby Tanngnjostr » December 22nd, 2017, 3:31 am

It's really sad that Luna left. :cry:

But I understand that she is really good in what she's doing and naturally she will be looking for a new challenge in her career. EW and th:C might be wonderful projects to work for, but it's likely not the best paid job if you're a programmer - and Stockholm is way too expensive! :roll:

Good luck for your future, Luna! :)
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Re: Let's sum up 2017!

Postby TreeKiwi » December 22nd, 2017, 3:43 am

1) What were your three highs in 2017?
  • Trophy Lodges
  • Piccabeen
  • Me starting to work here :D woooooo!
2) What were your three lows in 2017?
  • Roaming bug (Fixed)
  • EW staff leaving
  • Not getting a 600+ Reindeer
3) Which year was better in theHunter, in your opinion, 2017 or 2016?
  • Well I wasn't here for 2016... so its got to be 2017 by far :D
4) What are your main two hopes for theHunter for 2018?
  • That Graham and I can make this community even better and more fun!
  • That I don't have to ban anyone next year :D (Please be nice to each other... and us!)

Have a great Xmas (Or whatever you celebrate) all!
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Re: Let's sum up 2017!

Postby Tanngnjostr » December 22nd, 2017, 3:51 am

The best thing about this year's Christmas is that, despite most of the team being on holidays, the Kiwi will always be here for us. He's an addict! I wonder if they even pay him or if he pays them for being allowed to work there. :lol:
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Re: Let's sum up 2017!

Postby Eraser_SK » December 22nd, 2017, 4:31 am

3 highs:
1. Trophy lodge
2. Timbergold trails
3. Piccabeen bay (with out heat )

1. Piccabeen bay heat
2. You wish only happy holiday... not merry christmas.
3. I miss somethinf for free as Xmas gift (gloves, sweater, rifle.... something - header is not ingame item)

2017 was better


would like to see Euro reserve with European bison
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Re: Let's sum up 2017!

Postby FR_Bugs » December 22nd, 2017, 6:05 am

1) What were your three highs in 2017? (In case you have more, pick your favourite ones)

- Piccabeen Bay, i love this reserve, some things to fix again but great release.

- The bait and refill system.

2) What were your three lows in 2017? (Same here - pick three biggest disappointments for you personally)

- Shooting tripod Rest : i buy it but don’t use it, too long to put in place.

- Hunterscore 2.0, the idea is not bad but the rules changed for players like me who spend time to made achievment since years.

- Event leaderboard based on Jolly points and the thing we see actually : players who spend 200 camping supplies per day to spawn mash, playing 16 hours to be in top 3.
I saw in a thread ( don’t remember where ) someone who propose few simple things to do an event something fairly for all, it looked something like that :
- Event Competition : 20 points to 1 for the Top 20 players. 1 or 2 attempts max per day or 1 or 2 result submission.
- Event mission : 1 or 2 points.
- No jolly points.

3) Which year was better in theHunter, in your opinion, 2017 or 2016? Hint: you can check the same thread for 2016

- 2017 definitively : Since Alena is a producer, the community is more listen, many bugs were fixed. TH Classic as a future.

4) What are your main two hopes for theHunter for 2018?

1 - Team competition : a good way to boost TH Classic players and to convince new players to come.
David ( Caledonianblues ) and Tod1d worked hard to put this possibility in non official competitions. This format works fine. EW should add these Team comps in addition to daily competitions. The possibility to hunt with a friend ( or 2, 3, 4 players max ) and compete against other teams for a trophy and Em$.
We could buy ticket book to participate or a few amount of Em$. Rewards should be more interesting than actual daily comps rewards.

2 - The possibility to put a treestand, blind, tripod in another player game. The stuff would be removed at the end of the hunt.
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Re: Let's sum up 2017!

Postby DutchHunter74 » December 22nd, 2017, 6:55 am

My HIGHS for 2017:

Adding new animals as bobcat, feral goat & dall sheep
The new reserve Piccabeen Bay
The antler sheds
The bait site management
The loadouts
The trophy lodges

My LOWS for 2017:

    Server problems
    Adding more weapons
    The rocks in Timbergold Trails!!
    The pigs in Piccabeen Bay

Which Year is Better:

    I don't know, I joined in December 2016

My HOPES for 2018:

    A new reserve based on Africa or an European reserve especially for the small game hunter
    More color variations among the pheasants, just as in real life!!
    Reversing the behavioral change of the grizzly and polar bear
    New mission packs

Thank you EW and keep up the good work!! :D

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