Let's sum up 2017!

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Alena Rybik
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Let's sum up 2017!

Postby Alena Rybik » December 21st, 2017, 8:45 am

It's time to repeat our beautiful tradition- let's sum up the year 2017 in theHunter Classic!

1) What were your three highs in 2017? (In case you have more, pick your favourite ones)
2) What were your three lows in 2017? (Same here - pick three biggest disappointments for you personally)
3) Which year was better in theHunter, in your opinion, 2017 or 2016? Hint: you can check the same thread for 2016 here.
4) What are your main two hopes for theHunter for 2018?

Looking forward to your replies :)
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Alena Rybik
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Re: Let's sum up 2017!

Postby Alena Rybik » December 21st, 2017, 9:04 am

Here are mine:

1) Highs:
  • Trophy Lodge - an incredible achievement by the team and it's heartwarming to see how much you all love and use it
  • Dipping my toes into the production side of the game development and working with theHunter Classic team - they are the most talented and humble people, fearless pirates at heart making some crazy stuff happen. :o
  • Inventory load-outs - was an frustrating feature to project manage, but the result is great and as a player I love it

2. Lows:
  • Some features haven't been received as well as I hoped for, eg. premium trophy shot poses, shooting tripod rest, character backpacks
  • Having to say goodbye to some great team and community members
  • Not having enough time and resources to implement everything we wanted

3. 2017, but I am biased :twisted:

4. More new players finding and enjoying this gem of a game and the team keeping up the awesome work.
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Re: Let's sum up 2017!

Postby HooCairs » December 21st, 2017, 9:18 am

This may help everyone to decide: http://thehunter.wikia.com/wiki/Release_History
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Re: Let's sum up 2017!

Postby ronMctube » December 21st, 2017, 9:31 am

1) What were your three highs in 2017?

Main high would be celebrating 8 years playing theHunter and recording it at the start of the year. its been nice to see the progress from the day the game launched to what it is now.generally the game has moved forward and most things are how i would like them.so that would be my main thing for 2017. 8 years of recording week in week out i dont think some maybe realize the effort put in over the years but its been worth it and met many great friends through doing it.

bobcats were my favourite introduction gameplay wise.

2) What were your three lows in 2017? (Same here - pick two biggest disappointments for you personally)

the gaming website and features is still probably worse now than when the game launched.when the game launched we could link videos alsorts.it had a better function then.slowly it has got worse over time.most of my friends, messages are useless with hundreds of things i cant delete or remove.i have mentioned this numerous times never fixed.so gaming site functionality should be better.

3) Which year was better in theHunter, in your opinion, 2017 or 2016? Hint: you can check the same thread for 2016 [url]=forum.thehunter.com/viewtopic.php?f=91&t=77487]here[/url].

i think its a close one because 2016 we had timbergold release which is a beautiful reserve and great species like wolf which is one of my most wanted species in the game since launch.also i think many great weapons came out in 2016 or better choices than 2017.the thing is with guns bows and such your almost at a saturation point so unless its a new refreshing idea or something different most will view it as a added extra or is it really needed ?

so its very close. this year has also had some nice additions with the new piccabeen bay reserve ( i personally wouldnt of gone for that i would of done the one that literally everyone wants Africa ! but thats is not my decision.piccabeen turned out nice and the species look good and running water is a wanted addition as is the lightening and thunder.)

4) What are your main two hopes for theHunter for 2018?

Africa and Diversity !

i will be honest.Africa is the big wanted reserve.its been wanted for years.its the big bang many want.now...it could be done and handled right but if done wrong it could be a fire cracker ! obviously hunting is a controversial subject before you even do anything. big game is a hot topic across media and shows like Discovery channel is doing a brand new thing on elephants extinction and it is a mine field BUT ! if you could do it and do it right ! you would have possibly what many of the people who play the game want and be a big success ! its all about how you handle it and how you bring it across.i think done in the right manner you could give us Africa and make it a hughe success without the pitfalls.

Diversity ,

many thing in theHunter are the same.gameplay wise. i would like to see different elements being added to change gameplay in new ways.interesting and fun ways.dont get this wrong though . i dont want things that already work well being changed to make them worse ! that is a key thing. many games devs get this wrong with games.it boils my blood when it happens :lol: lets change this mechanic because its old to a newer method without any gameplay knowledge and it ends up newer but worse in actual gameplay.

mp games - mp can be massive fun i dont think personally its anywhere near as good as it could be i would like to see a nice overhaul to the system.games showing up quicker.not having to close game down to see games i want to join. more tools in mp games to make for interesting additions. tools for driven hunts for eg. many people draw lines a simple way of doing this but in a uniform style so it makes it easier to explain how to do it.make mp more of a feature to the game.

voice coms for theHunter. a free Discord or Teamspeak channel that is a dedicated place for those who want to use voice coms and know where to go to get it.its not vital but i think voice coms now are a standard part of mp gaming and many dont know how or have any groups to join. so a official theHunter voice coms would be a great addition.
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Re: Let's sum up 2017!

Postby D3AKUs » December 21st, 2017, 9:35 am

I. Finding this game and instantly falling in love :)
II. Becoming part of the nice community even tho i cant shut my mouth at times :D, ive met a bunch of incredibly nice people while playing this game - like Kevin , Prettyboy , Glynn and a lot more ! Also the active Community and Dev Team in the Forum ! U are all awesome !
Getting to know Mat aka Treekiwi through this game, love u mate - always fun to talk to u or play with u haha :lol:
III. Trophy Lodges , awesome addition and i cant imagine playing without them now.

I. Game Performance getting worse somehow in the last few month :( Cant play on very high scene complexity anymore even tho i was able to and totally fine when i bought my new rig mid this year.
II. Not being able to participate in the Halloween Event because i wasnt able to properly see stuff in the fog. And in the process missing out on that sweet T-Shirt
III. Cant find a third thing right now , maybe ill edit when i think of something

3. Cant compare 2016 to 2017 as i only started playing this game in March this year.

I. Big dangerous Cats or Crocodiles as a dangerous predator Species.
II. A Cowboy Outfit ! Yes, ill never lose hope that one day i can walk around the EHR like one of my childhood heroes, carrying only handguns with me and maybe a can of beans :D
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Re: Let's sum up 2017!

Postby BucksNBuffalo » December 21st, 2017, 9:46 am

  • Trophy Lodges! I believe the trophy lodges have been one of the best features added to TheHunter. It gives people that place to store memories, and there is always room for improvements. Great, great job!
  • Inventory loadouts. One of the most requested features for quite some time, and gone now are the days of having to waste time constantly changing things per reserve on every single hunt. I knew they were gonna be a premium feature, but I didn’t care because they have been needed for far too long. Great job again!
  • Bobcats. I really enjoy hunting them, and it was terrific to finally see a feline in the game.
  • The recent returns of two particular longtime members to the forum, both of whom are good friends and have quietly done a lot for and with the community even in absence. Welcome back, guys ;)

  • Some really annoying AI bugs that either still exist or just pop up, such as Deer hanging out underwater (lookin at you, Rusa and Sambar).
  • Still no real changes in community Special Events. I know there are attempts made, but they still favor grinders too much.
  • Still no love for the muzzleloaders!! No new muzzies, no new skins, i mean come on!!!
  • There are a few more, but I don’t think it’s anything that I would consider terrible to this day.
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Re: Let's sum up 2017!

Postby xOEDragonx » December 21st, 2017, 11:14 am

1) What were your three highs in 2017?
    1. Trophy Lodges. I only played for a few months without them, and I didn't realize what a critical element they would be in my enjoyment until I had them. Now that I have them, I can't imagine the game without them. Being able to recall great memories and stories is a really big deal to me and trophy shots were a large part of what drew me to the game because of this. Trophy lodges just solidified that for me. I can now be in a single virtual room, surrounded by great stories. I think that's the single biggest thing that keeps me from enjoying other hunting games such as COTW or any of the Cabelas games. There's just no emphasis on good times spent-- which is seriously the most important part about REAL hunting to me.
    2. Feral Goats. I love, love, love the bobcats. Their models are gorgeous and they offer a unique hunting experience. If I had to pick a favorite animal this year though, it would be the goats. Not only did they breathe some life into BRR for me, but the fact that there are so many variations of them was an instant draw for me. I love seeing all the different colors, I'm glad the piebalds were kept as variations, and I enjoy all the different horn types. I just wish the other horn types got as much love as the horizontal twist horns.
    3. Antler Sheds. These new collectibles are super fun, especially since they have their own leaderboards. A walk through the woods just isn't the same if you can't find an antler along the way! With my settings always on high I can never see them until my huntermate tells me I'm stepping on something, but they're still quite fun when I do find them nonetheless!
    4. Bobcats, dall sheep, trophy lodge/bait management from website, and dog backpacks were all high points for me!
2) What were your three lows in 2017? (Same here - pick three biggest disappointments for you personally)
    1. Hunterscore 2.0. I don't chase hunterscore by any means whatsoever. But the first few months I played this game, I did have great fun chasing achievements and my hunterscore did reflect my progress in those achievements so I loved to watch it grow. With the new system, every kill guarantees me 2 points (since I'm still newer and don't have 1,000 kills of anything with any guns yet, except the 12ga pump). Being awarded for every kill and not for milestones just doesn't appeal to me nearly as much, and I no longer watch my hunterscore at all because of it.
    2. Baiting Overhaul. Maybe this was necessary to limit spawnmashers or those in competitions or what have you. But prior to the overhaul, I enjoyed hunting over bait sites. It would allow me to pick off a bear or a couple of pigs every few minutes and for those who favor stand hunting to stalking, that was awesome. With the penalty we have in place now, I don't really bother to use my feeders at all unless for a competition or something similar. Sitting over bait now means a kill only every 20-30 minutes (I know the penalty gradually wears off and the attraction range gets bigger but let's be real, in the swamps of RFF, the fields of Hirsch, the open hills of Hemmeldal or the flatlands of BRR, I can see out to 150-220m in most areas. If the attraction range doesn't go past visual range for 15-20+ minutes, the bait isn't helping at all.) and that just isn't often enough to maintain my enjoyment of it. My friend and I occasionally hunt over each other's bait as a workaround, but that method leaves you relying on others and makes the gear you paid for a little less useful.
    3. Shooting Tripod Rest. This one is a stretch because I couldn't think of a third thing I disliked XD As a deployable, the shooting tripod just doesn't offer much. I would have rather seen something that stays in your inventory, that you could equip to a gun as an accessory that would make the gun more stable while standing/crouching. Eh, like I said, this one isn't a big deal. Right now, it's just easier to lay prone on a rock then invest in a shooting rest.
3) Which year was better in theHunter, in your opinion, 2017 or 2016? Hint: you can check the same thread for 2016 here.
    - Can't comment, since this is my first whole year here.
4) What are your main two hopes for theHunter for 2018?
    1. A change to the holiday event. The jollypoint system turns into a grindfest, but perhaps the worst part of that is not the grinding itself but the unhappiness on the forums that stems from it. I quite enjoy partaking in daily missions/comps to earn the points and earning trophies as a result, that part doesn't bother me one bit. And I especially love the Rudolph model this year! But the main event just caters so exclusively to those with excessive amounts of time to play that it leaves a bad taste for the majority of players.
    2. Crocodilians. I've heard before they're a no-go, but I will forever hope. RB is desperate for gators, and BRR and PB are crying for crocs. You have the swimming mechanic down pat, the buffalo are adorable when they're kicking their way through the rivers. Now transfer that over to crocodilians! I'd love to seeing them floating in the rivers or paddling along, tail smacks for calling in the water, have them bask along shorelines where they can hiss and ambush the player if they come too close... it'd certainly make me a little more cautious when running out of the blind to grab ducks XD
    3. Improvements on some older animals. The turkey really needs a new model, and the locator call needs to work for them. Albino deer species need to be made white instead of pinkish tan, and they could benefit from some newer animations. Feral hogs and wild boars could also use a makeover.
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Re: Let's sum up 2017!

Postby gas56 » December 21st, 2017, 12:16 pm

I'm going to skip everything except for question # 4.

It's pretty simple what I would hope for in theHunter 2018 for is that;
1. Old mistakes being implemented on new stuff that nobody will receive it very well in the game.
2. And actually learn & stay away from those kind of mistakes.

1. Rifles that are unrepresented correctly and not because of Game Balance because you think profit will drop. (single shot American made bolt action rifles, implement 3 rounds held, what American hunter really hunts like that? Percentagewise, very low)
2. Rope Mini Game.
3. Stop Cold Weather Antics.
4. Polar Bear Released Hunting. (did change that, after all the dissatisfied players feedback)
5. Stop Hot Weather Antics.
6. Stop with the non-game Animals.
7. Stop not listening to the real experienced hunter players advice and going ahead and implementing features that are totally phony and made up.
8. Stop ignoring certain forum members and playing up to your favorite members because you don't want to listen to the negative points even if they are valid points.

Have a good Holiday season.
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Patrick Enz
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Re: Let's sum up 2017!

Postby Patrick Enz » December 21st, 2017, 12:44 pm

I'm gonna go ahead and leave my thoughts here as well! ;)

1) Highs:
Trophy Lodges - having been able to come up with the base design for this amazing feature, this has truly been an amazing experience for me. I'm was also thrilled to see how many players enjoyed it!
Piccabeen Bay - this was the first reserve I started working on since joining the team and one of the biggest challenges I had ever encountered since becoming a game designer. As challenging as it was it was also very invigorating when we finally released it.
Bobcats - I love cats, not a particularly big fan of shooting them but I do really love cats. That's why working on one was particularly fun for me!

2. Lows:
Pathfinding for new animals - when I mentioned challenges on Piccabeen Bay I was particularly looking at this beast. Pathfinding is actually quite hard to configure with the tools we have. We are on the other hand still looking for ways of improving it.
Immortal Werewolf - You guys wanna kill it, I wanna kill it. We have a common goal.
Too many fun devs leaving - Luna left, Alena left (temporarily!), Johanna left, Stefan got taken by the army. Sad times.

3. 2017 since that's where things started to pick up on my side.

4. More awesome players and more fika!
Patrick Enz I Game Designer
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Re: Let's sum up 2017!

Postby DYEUZ » December 21st, 2017, 12:46 pm


- Piccabeen Bay reserve : So far , i like it .Great ambiance , very immersive for me . Many great landscapes / views . New species look good . Thought that the rain,dehydration system and the surrounding sounds of frogs , birds , etc , would bother me , but not at all .
- Bait site management : Great addition to the game . Saves time , very practical and effective .
- New added species : Feral Goat + Dall Sheep .


- Trophy shot poses : Was very disappointed , when i saw that not even one (1) new pose was free to all .
- Functional glasses : This is a fail imo. Don't like the way it works at all . The filtering of the glare , mostly found for me in WRR , is not even reduced and the rest of the field looks real bad . Nothing to do with my setting btw.
- Having major annoying things still : Like : animals getting stuck behind trees / rocks . Sound of walking on ice in WRR is horrible and loud . Walking in PB is also loud .
The 10% difference between spotting and tracking on 20/20 animals is to high imo. The weather system is surreal .Avatar not being able to walk over some small rocks .
The actual trophy pic need to be review a little . Animals are often like rag dolls and difficult to nicely place . These issues are oriented towards my improving gameplay hopes .

- 2017: Even though we had TgT reserve added and the Football Jamboree in 2016 that were pretty major things , 2017 had more imo . New species added , Trophy lodges , bait management , collectible shed antlers, Piccabeen Bay Reserve and so on .


- Hoping that we get the possibility one day , to have the guest , in a multi players game , use their own equipment . Even if its just using a TS , it would make for very interesting gameplay .
- Hoping for less additions , like weapons , clothings , etc , and focus more on improving gameplay . Meaning , continue fixing bugs , tweak animals AI , improve avatar's moves ...

tyvm :)

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