Spook Zone?

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Re: Spook Zone?

Postby OldMtnMan » November 22nd, 2022, 2:10 pm

Well, I bought the reverse draw xbow to compare. I want to make sure i'm making the right decision. Once I hunt and kill the first animal it will show on my stats. I don't want to see anything but one weapon on my stat from now on. So, I shot both on the range about 50 shots apiece. When I was done I decided I liked the reverse draw xbow the best. So, it's my final choice. I bought the camo version and i'm glad it doesn't have the green strings. I hate bright strings on any bow.

I also decided that RFF is my favorite map and i'll just hunt there from now on. I have no interest in bear hunting. So, I should always be able to find a comp for moose, elk, blacktail, and whitetail that I can use the xbow on.

Simple. One weapon, one map, and 4 animals. It should be fun.

Not crazy about the name XBOW but it's really hard to find a name that isn't taken already and I wanted to drop the OldMtnMan name.

I'll shut up now.

One shot. One kill.

Long live Hunter Classic.

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