Status Update - 25th January 2018

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Re: Status Update - 25th January 2018

Postby TrueshotM » January 29th, 2018, 11:45 pm

JimboCrow wrote:Does it make any substantial difference whether there is a scope or not, to those who don't want it? Is it a spoiler somehow if one was available?

On the other hand, if a scope sells fairly well, and possibly even boosts sales of the .405, is it still something they would find hard to digest?

Some players have made it clear they will not buy the rifle without a scope, mainly because of the poor iron sights. That's relevant. Teddy Roosevelt couldn't care less, and neither could I, but I'm no less patriotic. ;)

Yeah we can both agree that he could care less dead or alive.....If people have "made that clear" than I suggest EW put out a sight for it. They have bills to pay as all of us, I'm sure the wouldn't stick a modern scope on it so no objections towards an antique scope if one was out at that time. If so I'm not complaining...Not only is it a Teddy Roosevelt rifle but they mention it was hugely manufactured by the Russian Empire so maybe that's where the scopes come from? If so it should totally be released for the gun. For profit and nostalgia! But......I would also like a rifle this powerful that is purely a challenge hunter. So if they keep it scope less I won't complain either way because nothing like a 150m Sambar shot to challenge an experienced hunter without a scope. With a scope it's still just "I see it, I got it" type of thing. The Pulsar doesn't have a range finding scope but after maxing out the Parker you can really just guess the distance....A gun like this without a scope makes you try things on T.H.C that you've never attempted and because of that I'd like no scope. the same time I'll buy it cause I'm looking to get top 50 Hunter score ranking 8-)

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