Game & Status Updates 15th November 2017 - Loadouts

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Re: Game & Status Updates 15th November 2017 - Loadouts

Postby DHRifleman » November 30th, 2017, 5:13 pm

Actually, all that is needed is to open the inventory just after you load, and it will show if something is needed or not.
So really his post should have just said "remember to check inventory after loading to see if any consumable need reloading" which was probably what he was thinking. It just got shortened to
"Remember to load consumables" ;)
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Re: Game & Status Updates 15th November 2017 - Loadouts

Postby Pretty_Boy » December 1st, 2017, 3:15 pm

caledonianblues wrote:
Pretty_Boy wrote:If its not said before, remember to add consumables to your backpack after loading in a loadout ;)

Why? Consumables can be part of a loadout.

Sorry, I got a little comfused about "how to add things to the loadout".

What I thought:
When I click on a loadout slot, I can drag guns to the "left" side and "items to the "right" side. But I do not have the option to drag for example camping supplies into anywhere.

What I later found out:
I can add everything on the right side including camping supplies. Then I go to the Loadout "Panel", but do not click on any loadout slots, but the little "i", to make sure I add everything to the right (of 11) slot. When I know which loadout to add to, I just click save, actually very simple and easy. But if I for example click not on the "i", but on the loadout slot, it ofcorse loads in whats stored there, and the "just added" camping supplies dissapears.

Now when I know how to use it, I must say Thanks for creating this, it makes things a whole lot easier! Saves a lot of time!

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Re: Game & Status Updates 15th November 2017 - Loadouts

Postby JimboCrow » December 16th, 2017, 5:20 pm

Please add white to the color palette so I can have one for Whiterime Ridge. AND an off-white, dirty-white one for Hemmeldal. Thank you in advance and for ever.

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