An update from Alena

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Re: An update from Alena

Postby DYEUZ » November 2nd, 2017, 3:50 pm

Congratulations Alena and your soul mate !! All the best with this new life , lol, and health to the baby .

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Re: An update from Alena

Postby Tanngnjostr » November 2nd, 2017, 4:09 pm

We'll miss you a lot, Alena, but this is great news! :)

I wish the best to you and your family - enjoy that new challenge!
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Re: An update from Alena

Postby Prinz1989 » November 2nd, 2017, 4:15 pm

I wish you all the best Alena,
thank you so much for all the good work!
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Re: An update from Alena

Postby jim1965 » November 2nd, 2017, 4:21 pm

Congratulations Alena! Enjoy youre baby !
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Re: An update from Alena

Postby stancomputerhunter » November 3rd, 2017, 1:06 am

I got to this party pretty late, Alena, nevertheless, I share the sentiments of all here. First for your incredible guidance of tHC for the past year or so, and second for the best of all, a child to love and cherish.

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Re: An update from Alena

Postby MonacoSteve » November 3rd, 2017, 6:14 am

Wow, Alena, what great news - although we will miss you every day during your maternity leave, believe me.
And your while life will change, that's sure :-)
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Re: An update from Alena

Postby kateeye » November 3rd, 2017, 7:23 am

Very happy for you and your family. One year is a long time and you will be certainly missed. Wishing you and the Baby all the best.God bless you!
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Re: An update from Alena

Postby Alena Rybik » November 3rd, 2017, 10:01 am

Thank you very much for you nice words everyone, I feel super humbled by all the kindness and warmth you shared with me, in this thread and throughout all these years :) And it's a boy!

lowby wrote:Congratulations Alena for the upcoming achievement called sleep deprivation :D

Yep, I will probably get a Turkey badge on that one alone ;)

Mills wrote:That's fantastic news Alena. Having kids is a true blessing and I personally can't think of what my life would be like without them. One of my favourite things to do on a Saturday morning is wake up, have a cup of coffee and sit down and watch cartoons with my kids. I have a 15 year old boy, 10 year old boy, and 2 year old girl so I'm kind of all over the map :lol: Congratulations to you and your significant other :)


Sounds super cozy, I will be looking forward to that.

Lamphunter wrote:Congratulations and best wishes to a very special Mother to be!!! :)
I'm absolutely sure you are going to be an amazing mom!!! ;)
All these years you have proved to be a great "mom" to the game and us, so expect us to feel a little orphans for the time you will be off to bring a miracle in your families life! :)

<3 Hehe, you will be fine, you are in good hands!

JimboCrow wrote:
(You see, now all the experience you've gained having to deal with childishness and immaturity will come in handy. You'll be on familiar ground. And you're welcome! 8-) )

You are a wise man Jimbo ;)

Violator31 wrote:Congratulations!!!
You are in for soooo much fun!!! My Sons are grown & moved out (32 & 27) and not a day goes by that I wish for the days when they were little kids. You take your time & enjoy EVERY second you can with your baby - they grow up far too fast.
We will all miss you, as you can tell from this well deserved outpouring.
I'm sure that you are preparing Bethany to deal with all of us (all the while trying not to scare her into running out the door).
I am very much looking forward to your return.
(check in on us every once in a while --- you know, like 3 am when the baby wakes you up & you can't get back to sleep)

Yes, I will try to check in from time to time, it probably will be difficult to break the four year long habit of logging in every day anyway.
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Re: An update from Alena

Postby ForstHeld » November 3rd, 2017, 12:07 pm

Great News! Stay healthy and my best wishes to you, the baby and the Dad :)
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Re: An update from Alena

Postby Ringalor » November 3rd, 2017, 12:13 pm

Congratulations Alena!
Thanks for all... life is Beautiful...

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