Status Update 28th April 2017

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Re: Status Update 28th April 2017

Postby Generalkommendant » April 30th, 2017, 7:26 am

JimboCrow wrote:Dear Alena, I really love the new Dall Sheep. Really, really. Unfortunately, now I don't have enough tents again. Please raise the tent limit a little more, at least for WRR and TGT. Eight is just not enough for those monster reserves. Ten is better, fifteen would be ideal, although I realize this is becoming a bit ridiculous. Nevertheless.... :D

Also, InstinctiveArcher has a new bow, the D/R Recurve, which EW would do well to port into the game. It could be coupled with his previous bow under Heavy Recurves in Ranks, or the category could be changed to InstinctiveArcher Recurve Bows. Either way, I believe you stand to make a lot money on this, and it would be another incredible initiative on your part. Looking forward to your feedback! ;)

Thanks again for the Dall Sheep. Truly great addition to WRR. A real joy to hunt. JimboCrow.

Jimbo, where can I see his new bow? I saw his last one but can't find the links. Do you happen to have the info?
And for the record I share your thoughts reg. raising the tent limit. At least to ten. Why not?

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