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Bugs Forums - New process & rules

Postby Tod1d » November 27th, 2008, 11:04 am

Bugs Forums

In an effort to attempt to improve communication between the members, forum staff, testing team & the developers with regards to bugs, we have decided to slightly (OK, drastically) increase the standards for posting topics & replies in the Bugs forums.

There are currently too many: duplicate topics, duplicate posts, opinions, pointless discussion, non-bugs, irrelevent content, topics with lists of problems, and posts with insufficient information. This makes it far too time consuming to manage, and also to provide feedback.

Hence forth, all topics & replies in the Bugs forums will require approval. You will not see your topic or reply immediately after submitting it. It will go into a moderation queue, and will be subject to scrutiny & approval by a forum staff member.

The "Creating a Bug Report" topics will be updated thusly:


Please look and see if the bug you have found has already been reported.

When creating a bug report please give as much detail as possible. Date, Time, Coordinates, screenshots if you have them, has it happened more then once.
The more details you can offer the easier it will be for the development team to work on a solution.

Topics and posts will not be approved (without warning or explanation) for the following reasons:
  • They are off topic or general discussion.
  • They do not contain additional information that further defines the problem
  • The bug is a duplicate & has already been reported
  • The bug obviously belongs in a different bug forum
  • The topic contains a laundry list of bugs. One bug per topic!

This is a bad bug report:

    "Geese get stuck in mid-air."

This is a good bug report:

    Bug Report
    Game Mode: MP

    When hunting in Multi-Player, sometimes a goose after being shot will hang in midair.
    The track dome appears on the ground below the hanging goose, but it cannot be harvested.
    This seems to happen when several people are all shooting at the same time.
    Sometimes the hanging goose only appears for one player, and the other player
    sees it on the ground, or doesn't see it at all.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    Join a MP hunt
    Try to all shoot the same goose at the same time

    Additional Information:
    Host: 12.7mb Up / 3.2mb down
    Player2: Ping 43
    Player3: Ping 187

    My Computer
    Platform: Dell Precision 4600 laptop
    OS & Version: Win7 Ent. 64bit SP1

Cut & Paste this into your new topic, and fill it out as completely as possible.
Replace the parts in angle brackets << >> with your text.

Code: Select all

[b][size=125]Bug Report[/size][/b]
[b]Game Mode:[/b] <<MP, SP, Both>>

<<concise, detailed description of bug>>

[b]Steps to Reproduce:[/b]
<<Step by step instructions to make it happen again>>

[b]Additional Information:[/b]
<<pictures, video, stats, data, # players, ping>>

[b][size=125]My Computer[/size][/b]
[b]Platform:[/b] <<computer make & model>>
[b]OS & Version:[/b] <<Windows 32/64bit Win7 SP1>>

This is a bad reply:

    That happens to me too.

This is a good reply:

    I've discovered that if you walk out of render range & come back the goose will be on the ground.
    Also, sometimes if one player leaves the game the goose will fall to the ground


It is our hope that by streamlining the Bugs forums, they will become a tool that you can use to quickly find information on problems you are having, and improve the ability of the staff to recognize, report & provide feedback on bugs.
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Re: Bugs Forums - New process & rules

Postby MetalMind » April 22nd, 2014, 8:17 am

At last there will be some order in bugs section :)
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Re: Bugs Forums - New process & rules

Postby MonacoSteve » April 23rd, 2014, 3:39 am

Bravo! I fully support this initiative.

And how about the following addition: Those who always just need to get off some steam may receive their own "moaner corner" in the forum, where they can relase their usual nagging - and all this "info" is regularly deleted after 3 days? :mrgreen:

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