Release Notes - 10th May (New Fur Variants)

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Re: Release Notes - 10th May (New Fur Variants)

Postby Comrade_Floof » May 21st, 2022, 9:58 pm

HPitte wrote:When is EW going to address the absurdity of how large the Water Buffalo horns are? Has anyone in EW ever actually researched real Water Buffalos? It's really easy.
Here's how: Go to your favorite search engine, type in "water buffalo", and then look at a bunch of real-world images of them.

A lot of the animals are quite absurd but there are plenty of real water buffaloes that do look more or less like that. I general think of the animals in tHC as being different subspecies created for the EHR. Personally I find the Water Buffalo fairly cool looking even though not super realistic in terms of horn size. And yes I did see water buffalo irl.

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