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Re: Trophy of the Week Contest

Postby Whitefang2 » Yesterday, 1:55 pm

Got this nice Albino Bull Moose today 141.8
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Re: Trophy of the Week Contest

Postby Lechuza » Yesterday, 3:33 pm

HunterBooth wrote:Unfortunately, I hadn't entered any comps. :cry: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh man, that's one heck of a buck! Great job! As soon as I saw that I thought I lost first place in the intermediate one, had to check real quick! Of course you would have been in elite though :lol:
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Re: Trophy of the Week Contest

Postby VonStratos » Yesterday, 4:05 pm

My best red deer ever, and my entry for this week :D

Red Deer
Score: 277.389

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