Trophy of the Week Contest

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Re: Trophy of the Week Contest

Postby SqueakyFrog » Yesterday, 4:55 pm

Thought it was a moving bush at first. Score: 416.337

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Re: Trophy of the Week Contest

Postby W1nchester » Yesterday, 8:05 pm

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Re: Trophy of the Week Contest

Postby Ravenousfox » Today, 10:16 am

Okay so... how did a 26th LB Coyote win over a 7th LB Blacktail Deer? :?
Thought this was "Trophy of the Week"
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Re: Trophy of the Week Contest

Postby TreeKiwi » 29 minutes ago

Just to clarify, It is not "Highest scoring animal of the week".

It is Trophy of the Week. We pick an image we like, it might have a nice story with it, good composition or just a good picture. There are many things that make up our decision. Your BT was very nice though RF, congrats on it.

But well done Hifisch on your win!


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