Ask Me Anything with Andrés & Danny

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Re: Ask Me Anything with Andrés & Danny

Postby drakle » October 3rd, 2014, 2:51 pm

Would alligators ever be a consideration in theHunter?

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Re: Ask Me Anything with Andrés & Danny

Postby BucksNBuffalo » October 4th, 2014, 1:36 am

Ok boys, I got a couple for ya:

1) For both of you: We all have our little annoyances in game, and I'm sure you guys as programmers have them as well, albeit in a different light. What is the single most annoying and maddening aspect of the game that drives you guys to wanna devour interns?

2) For both of you: What reserve would you say is your absolute favorite, and what species is also your favorite (doesn't have to be on the same reserve)?

3) Andrés: as the longest tenured developer at EW (side note: hasn't Peter been there just as long? Can't remember..), you've seen the game grow tremendously into what it is now. If you could go back and do something differently, what would you do and how do you think it would alter the game?

4) Danny: Danny G! Last one is for you. What is the one thing that you personally want to see in the game, something that you would absolutely jump at the opportunity to create? Could be a reserve, weapon, animal, ...tree LOL.
And one last question. Remember that pencil I let you borrow a couple of years back? Well..can I have it back? :P
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Re: Ask Me Anything with Andrés & Danny

Postby Tuck_SFA » October 4th, 2014, 9:58 am

What was the reasoning behind not having scent reduction on deployable towers?

Are you considering modifying that aspect?
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Re: Ask Me Anything with Andrés & Danny

Postby INTIMID883R » October 4th, 2014, 11:10 am

Deployable towers are built on site.
Why is it so hard to find a place to put them? They are custom built, so should be able to put them anywhere.
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Re: Ask Me Anything with Andrés & Danny

Postby james990 » October 4th, 2014, 11:23 am

just a few hopefully short questions:

1. We we always fall out of our tree stands when we are standing in them not crouching?
2. What was your greatest challenge ever in thehunter
3. Do your work on weekends?
4. What is your favourite animal you believe should be in thehunter (if can't answer, what your favourite animal?)
5. What is the biggest fish you have caught and what type (If you have gone fishing)
6. Will you ever add collectables to rougarou bayou and val des bois and make then more efficient and a fun new experience?)
Thanks you for answering
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Re: Ask Me Anything with Andrés & Danny

Postby drphilphil » October 4th, 2014, 11:28 am

Not sure if you deal with this sort of stuff but why isnt there any red deer scent?!
I have asked this on the poll that was started and about 80% of the participants where all in for a red deer scent...! Why would you pass up a chance for more em$ spend? I would for sure buy some with em$, just to support you guys!

Edit: Also, could it be that the coloration for red deer is wrong for Val-des-Bois? Someone on one of the livestreams mentioned that it is wrong for a spring/summer setting...
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Re: Ask Me Anything with Andrés & Danny

Postby Pratze » October 4th, 2014, 12:31 pm

Do you guys have already plans to make the engine or grafics more efficient of this game? For it being such an old engine and all that, it is quite demanding on hardware and also quite limiting (render distance). Do you guys have plans to optimize performance or are you sathisfied with how it is?
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Re: Ask Me Anything with Andrés & Danny

Postby Fletchette » October 4th, 2014, 1:26 pm

Hi guys,

Are you aware of the FPS drop and lagging issue (game goes into slow motion) that many people even with high powered CPU's and graphics cards experience at certain times during the game? There have been many forum threads on the issue, and I'd think bug reports, but to the best of my knowledge the developers have never acknowledged the issue.

I'm not asking for a solution in your answer, but just an indication of whether you know about the issue. If you are aware, do have a theories about what causes it? It happens in both SP and MP.

For some people it happens in certain locations, for others when there is a reindeer herd close, and for others when a flock of geese break.

For me, when happens my FPS can drop from the normal 60 FPS on max settings, all the way down to 25 FPS, and the animals will start walking in slow motion. The grass and leaves start moving slowly. Even my avatar starts moving sluggishly. It usually lasts only a few minutes, then everything goes back to normal.

There are even videos here on the forum that show the effect. What is most interesting is that neither the CPU or the GPU are overloaded when it happens. It also happens on both NVidia and AMD GPU's.
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Re: Ask Me Anything with Andrés & Danny

Postby Pretty_Boy » October 4th, 2014, 1:39 pm

Hello guys...

First I must say you all are doing a great job... Develop new items an see the works in progress must be a very interesting job. Sometimes things goes a little wrong, but are easily fixed, and some other things are more time consuming... But overall Im very satisfied... And now get ready for some kick ass difficult questions...

1. The game started in 2009 or so... At that time you set the minimum spesifications for the game, but did you also spesify any maximum spesifications into the game script as well, like a dummy variable or so...? I feel this game do not utilize the power of my computer at all...

2. Is the minimum requirements for the game going to be set higher in the future...?

3. Do you have a deal with nvidia/amd...? Have they created and added a proper game profile into their drivers that utilizes the display adapters at maximum, both sli and crossfire...?

4. Are you thinking about, or are you planing to include more detailed options to the graphic settings in the game...? I have for example G-sync and would like to see it in the options...

5. Is the game using 1 core and 1 thread of the cpu, or is the game optimized for utilizing the latest 2011/2011-3 mainboards and 8 core cpus at maximum...? If it uses only 1 core, is it difficult for you to do some changes to the game settings...?

6. This game engine may be fine or may not be fine... I do not know if it has any limitations... Is there any other game engines you easily can switch to, or do this include a lot of programming and time...?

7. What about direct-x, any plans for upgrades in the near future...?

8. When I play on a clean map my FPS can go up to 180 and down to 130 minimum. When I host, maps are full of equipment, and 4 people joining, spesially hirsefelden, I get down to about 7 FPS sometimes... Where is the bottleneck in your systems, and what is the work in progress to fix this issue...? I do not feel this has anything to do with a bug somewhere. My internet line is 100/10Mbit btw.

9. Do you have any plans to develop any new type of equipments in the near future...? Like a zipline to use in VDB...? This can also be used in other maps as well...

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Re: Ask Me Anything with Andrés & Danny

Postby L3M182 » October 4th, 2014, 1:43 pm

1. how likley are we to see an overhaul in graphics or engine in the next 12 months?

2. in hunting stealth plays a major part . thehunter has a very basic stealth system. will bushes, shadow, ground surface and silhouette ever be implemented to factor into stealth.

3.many reload animations are off. for instance if you don't fire off every round in the pump action shotguns magazine before reloading the player will cycle the action needlessly and eject the live round from the chamber this would also mean 1 less round is in the gun and not the full 6. Also the semi-auto shotgun doesn't cycle the action to put a round into the chamber from empty.
guns that do this that i know of with incorrect animations are

all anschutz, both lever-actions, pump action shotgun, semi-auto shotgun and .223.

on a side note, only the single shotgun dosent spit out a cartridge upon loading for the first time. this is a nice touch id like to see on all firearms in the game.

4. lastly is there any plans to re evaluate the tracking and spotting skills info?. its pretty useless information until you get to level 15 on non antlered/horned animals. a bear that is spotted and is between 17-21 score and 170-280 pounds isnt very helpful and thats all you get up until you spot 1575 animals. its even worse for coyote and fox


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