How do I Insert a URL

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How do I Insert a URL

Postby LeMetatron » December 17th, 2008, 12:54 pm

Hi All,

Been noticing a lot of long web addresses ending up in posts so we thought we'd put us a helpful tip to help tidy things up a little.
For some of you this will be old skool knowledge but for this who haven't thought about it :D

When you want to include a like, for example rather than writing or pasting the whole address you can insert a link like this

It's really easy:

i) When you want to insert the link type in the text that you want the link in (for example LINK HERE)
ii) Highlight the text and click the URL button at the top of the screen and the highlighted text will be surrounded by url and /url in [] brackets
iii) To insert the web address go into the first set of brackets and after url type = and then the URL (for example url=

Hope some of you find this tip helpful

Happy posting :D

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