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Use of +1

Postby caledonianblues » September 19th, 2016, 11:52 am

Over the last couple of months, the moderation team has deleted a significant number of "+1" posts, most of them from the Thoughts & Suggestions forum and the corresponding sub-forums. I would like to remind everyone that posting "+1" or "+100" does not consititute a meaningful post. It just clutters the forum with posts that add no value. When the new forum was released on 14/06/2016, Alena made a post detailing some new guidelines, and in this post she wrote:

Alena Rybik wrote:Another thing that we’re going to be stricter about is meaningful posts. Posts like +1, +100 etc. will now be removed. Posts like this fill up the forum without adding anything meaningful to the discussion. If you want to express agreement with someone, please elaborate why.

If you post "+1" your post will be deleted without warning and you will not receive a private message from a moderator explaining why. If you agree with someone's post, take the time to explain why. Similar posts such as "+1 I agree" or "+1 good idea" will also be removed. If you do not have the time to construct at least a sentence or two explaining why you support a suggestion, leave it and come back when you have more time.

Thank you for your understanding.
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