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Re: Post your favorite Map/Setup with Hot Spots/Hunting Routes

Posted: October 21st, 2017, 7:40 pm
by D3AKUs wrote:
D3AKUs wrote:Update on RB , added more equipment. Went from 4 to 6 Ecallers, 5 placed atm. Bear barrel added. Merged both Duck Setups to a single giant Setup in the South cause this spot is just gold and it covers a MASSIVE area now with all the decoys and two blinds - perfect MP setup.

Still not quite finished. Needs a lil bit of polishment in some areas and another few areas still need some equipment.


will you be hosting tonight/tomorrow? please do if possible!

Sadly i have to work the whole weekend ... But maybe if i come home Sunday late evening. But it wont be before 22pm cest.