Flanker305's Coyote Hunting Guide (UPDATED: hunting map)

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Flanker305's Coyote Hunting Guide (UPDATED: hunting map)

Postby Flanker305 » November 3rd, 2013, 7:54 pm

Latest update on 5-1-2014
(Scroll down)

Lately I have been receiving quite a few questions about coyote hunting. Some seem to find those dogs a bit hard to catch. I decided to bundle what I know about it in a thread.
A kinda 'fan guide', but I would like to make something clear: this is not a guide about how it HAS to be done, it's a guide how it works for ME.
I am sure more experienced players are able to throw in a lot more useful tips, so I am not pretending to be a master at this.
But still, if some people could use my info, I will be happy to share.

Although coyotes can be found on both Logger's Point and Whitehart Island, I mostly hunt them on WHI, especially the Southern Island. So I will leave LP out of this, and tell you how I hunt them on the Southern part of WHI.
On the maps below you can see the two areas on WHI where they roam, also according to Hoocairs' thread.
The white boxes show where I mostly find them. The blue line on the second map is my usual route. After the second Groundblind I go south, or try my luck on the tower towards the east. Eitherway, I always end up south near the ponds.
As for the Groundblinds, I lately switched them; there were Treestands before, but I needed them at my barrels. Still, for coyote hunting Treestands are working much better for me.

Northern Whitehart Island:

Southern Whitehart Island:

My usual tactic is pretty simple: I wait for a call, get out of the TS, walk 20 meters southwest (that's where the wind is blowing from most of the times), call and get back in.
Coyotes ALWAYS come to the exact same spot you called from. That is handy, you can just get them where you want them. I always crouch when going out to call, especially after I killed the first one of a pack.

This is what I do when a pack shows up.
When the first one comes in, I always kill him immediately. Since I do not bother so much for comps, I don't need to pick the biggest one. When a pack is moving in I do actually check for rares, but since that is not the case most of the times I just shoot the first.
Often the pack scatters. In some cases one or two are coming in from another direction and didn't see the rest flee; those will continue to approach and can be taken down too.
(Note: when the distance to your calling spot is close to 30 meters, coyotes can't hear the sound of the bow, so they wont flee; this way you can take down more in one 'wave'. I like them close, so I don't use this method. However, an example can be found in the second of the three videos in at the end of this thread, at 5:25 minutes.)
Normally it takes two or three real time minutes before coyotes start to respond to your call again. They need those minutes to calm down from the 'stressed' state they are in after spooking.
So after 3 minutes I go out again and call. Now it goes faster, because the coyotes are scattered. Often they don't come back in the pack they were in before. Because they come in one after another, they often don't spook each other.
I had several cases where two or three coyotes came in after one call, with sometimes a few minutes in between them. So don't get out your Treestand too quickly after your first kill. More might show up.
If you start your hunt from the location where the tent is on the second map, and you make your way to the first spot (where the Groundblind or Treestand is) you have a good chance to get a few coyotes. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
The picture below shows where I blow the caller (yellow circle), second pic is the result after a while. More here.


Shot placement
Coyotes are pretty easy to take down. However, since tracking a wounded coyote can be pretty hard sometimes, it's a good idea to take your time to aim carefully. When coyotes come close to the 'calling spot', they circle a bit and then stop for a second. Don't shoot them yet, wait for them to start walking again and raise your bow, because they will stop again after a few steps. There they will stand still a bit longer and you will be able to take a decent shot.
By raising the bow when they start walking after their first stop, you won't lose 'rasing time' when they stop walking again. Plenty of examples in the videos at the end.
Here are some examples for instant kills. Note: the 'Broadside' picture is showing a neckshot; it is a bit safer to aim a little to the left, to hit the lungs/heart.


I shot most of them with the Compound bow and the Python, but changed to Recurve a while ago. With the Recurve being the strongest, I would still say all of the bows are perfect for coyotes. However, if you take a 'body'hit and it runs, the coyote dies faster when hit with a Recurve arrow.
If you have time and patience, standhunting coyotes is a lot of fun. Once you get the hang of it, you can take down quite a few.

As you might have noticed already, I have made a few videos about coyote hunting in the past. I'd like to list them again below. Somewhere down this post is another one, showing the take down of a pack of 8 coyotes.
The first one shows you pretty much everything I described above, although I take a different route and a different spot. Same technique though. Skip to 2:00 minutes if you like. The other two are compilations.




Again, this is not THE way to hunt them, it's MY way which I like to share.
I hope one or two amongst you might wanna give it a try and have some fun.
Feel free to ask questions or add more tips.


:arrow: (26-12-13) Edit:

I improved my setup on the Southern Island a bit. I put down an extra tent in the NorthWest, immediately next to my tent.
Started at the lodge and fasttravelled to it. (red dot)
Got a call within 5 minutes, from the 'White' pack. They came in and I shot one - it ran.
In the next few minutes I got another call from the North, the 'Blue' pack. They came in as well, killed one.
They all fled towards the purple arrow; I kept calling and killed another 5 of them. The rest didn't return.
I travelled south, to the spot where I quickly mounted the 'yellow TS', after a call. Got two of them.
By this time I got a few connection issues, and the map didn't load anymore. When I fasttravelled back to the Northern TS, all tracks were gone. I got frustrated and quit.
However, since I never had this before I thought it would be good to share this.
The 'yellow' TS is a spot with good views. I left it there.
I often have the feeling that there is a separate pack roaming in the North part of the island, and from the Northern TS you will be able to call that one in, together with more Southern roaming yotes.
If you are lucky of course. :D

Good luck!


:arrow: (2-1-14) Edit:

Video taken from the 'yellow TS' as described above. It's a bit laggy, don't know what went wrong. Anyway, enjoy!


:arrow: (5-1-14) Edit:

I have again improved my setup for the northern part of South Whitehart Island.
Below I will first show you where I have my Treestands. I did actually need a sixth one, but since that is not possible (yet, hopefully) I put down a Tripod there.
Honestly, I did not try out the Tripod, so I don't know if it works. It's on top of a small slope, so it might work. A Treestand works very well there.
Treestand #1 has been moved a bit north after the last updates, so the picture shown above (update from 26-12-13) has changed a bit.
The location where it is now is much better.
On all these spots you have a good chance to catch coyotes. Some other players confirmed this.


TS #1: X -15264, Y 7242. (Screenshots of location)
TS #2: X -15196, Y 7614. (Screenshots of location)
TS #3: X -15086, Y 7614. (Screenshots of location)
TS #4: X -15233, Y 7799. (Screenshots of location)
TS #5: X -14938, Y 7778. (Screenshots of location)
Tripod: X -14795, Y 8002. (Screenshots of location)
Northern Groundblind: X -14897, Y 7308. (Screenshots of location)

Now, I have made a kind of an action plan, after a successful hunt. I made a drawing, but since I did it all with Paint, it has become a kind of a mess.
However, the plan worked, so I will try to explain what you see here:


I started my hunt at the northern Grounblind next to the lake. I crouched to TS #1, but before I even got there I found myself crouching in the middle of a pack of coyotes. I quickly got prone, but when I got up to check on them they spotted me and fled.
I got to my TS, still crouching, and waited a few minutes, in which I killed a WT buck. Then I got a call from one of the coyotes from the pack I saw before (I'll call them Pack 1 for now) from the north. (White arrow)
They all came in, and I waited for them all to get to my TS. I killed the last one that showed up, and after that 7 more - one after each other.

If you look at the map, you see that the rest of the setup is put up south of me. So all the time, I called from a spot a few meters south from the TS.
Doing this, I force them to flee southwards somewhat
(red arrows), bringing them close to my other treestands.
Later, when I called in a pack at TS#4, I called them in from a spot facing west
(red arrows), the direction of my tripod.
Most of the threestands and the tripod have a tent next to it, so if some coyotes don't come back, I can fasttravel to one of the other TS's, or the tripod, and try to lure them in from there.

So I fasttravelled to TS #3, but had no luck there. Then I walked up to TS #5, where I shot 2 Elk. I had to track one, which brought me close to TS #4.
And there I got a call from Pack 2. (White arrow)
I got in my TS and killed another 8 of 'em, a few of them I'd seen before.
I also went to the tripod later on, but without succes.

About Spook Zone A and Spook Zone B.
I made up the term 'Spook Zone' to make myself clear.
Check the three coyotes trotting north (the three green stars) approaching TS #1.
The two closest to the TS are coming in after my call, the third is a bit later, due to the shattered pack.
When coyote #1 and #2 arrive at my TS, I kill #1. The other one (#2) flees again, and meets coyote #3 halfway on its way back. I have seen this with my own eyes numerous times.
Coyote #3 flees from there southwards, running the usual 100-150 meters. He is now outside the reach of my caller.
If coyote #3 does not come back to me roaming, I will most likely not get him.
UNLESS I catch up with him. Now I can go track him, but I don't like tracking. So, with my current setup I am able to fasttravel to a TS close to him. Of course once in a while, so I normally do this when I am absolutely sure there are no more coyotes left in 'my area'.

Telling you all this I have to say: you can avoid the whole 'Spook Zone' problem by killing them from a bigger distance.
When you call from 30 meters for example, and thus also kill them from that distance, you'll be able to kill more of them in one wave, because they don't spook.
But I like them close, and am still mastering the Recurve, with which I don't risk long shots, yet.
Besides, if you get out of your TS too quick and spook a late incoming coyote, which eventually might spook another one while on the run, this way of thinking might still be helpful.

Anyway, this is the story of one particular hunt. It doesn't go like this always. But when I started a few hunts to take the screenshots, I got a few calls and spooked a pack.
I think parts of this story might be enough for you to get a few coyotes. Find out and improvise.
Again, this is one of several ways and spots to get them.
I hope this will help those of you who are focusing on coyote hunting.
Feel free anytime to ask me questions. Also, make sure to check the other threads about coyote hunting and the guides in the guides section. There are a lot of players out there playing this game longer than me who have way more experience with this.
So, good luck!
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Re: Coyote hunting guide

Postby BlindTyldak » November 3rd, 2013, 8:05 pm

I'll definitely try this sometime. I have a treestand idle right now and it sounds like the perfect use for it, especially since I have the worst luck with coyotes.

Thanks for posting this!
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Re: Coyote hunting guide

Postby Vulcade » November 3rd, 2013, 11:27 pm

Excellent, this'll be one of my top bookmarks.
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Re: Coyote hunting guide

Postby HooCairs » November 4th, 2013, 3:14 am

Nice guide Flanker! That should get a sticky! :)
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Re: Coyote hunting guide

Postby Macagod » November 4th, 2013, 6:30 am

Cheers Flanker, I'm still learning when it comes to yotos. Mostly hunt the same path as you when it comes to the Southern part of Whitehart. Bagged one or two up in the Northern area (Mostly around the Elk lake), but haven't really hunted it specifically for yotos. I may have to have another adventure up that way.

Cheers again.
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Re: Coyote hunting guide

Postby caledonianblues » November 4th, 2013, 6:35 am

Nice guide, thanks. I'll give that a try soon.
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Re: Coyote hunting guide

Postby Swoinks » November 5th, 2013, 4:58 pm

Great post Flanker! :) Making me want to get back into hunting coyotes.
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Re: Coyote hunting guide

Postby brubcruz » November 5th, 2013, 7:30 pm

If a pack is comin, you shot one and the others run away.
What do you do next?
Keep at the same place and call again or move?
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Re: Coyote hunting guide

Postby Flanker305 » November 5th, 2013, 11:37 pm

Thanks for the support guys!
brubcruz wrote:If a pack is comin, you shot one and the others run away.
What do you do next?
Keep at the same place and call again or move?
Yes. Wait two or three minutes and call again.
That's what I do most of the time to pile 'em up. Often they call again after some time, that's when you know they will respond to your call again, after being spooked.
Check the third vid, it explains itself. Good luck!
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Re: Coyote hunting guide

Postby Vulcade » November 6th, 2013, 12:44 am

I found the Parker Python significantly quieter than other bows which is why I think it's best for coyotes, and it's also more accurate (aside from the crossbow), but yeah with body hits from the recurve they die waaaay faster!

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