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Fan Guide Index

Postby HooCairs » August 13th, 2012, 10:12 am

This is simply a collection of useful tutorials, fan guides, videos, etc. to help new players with frequently asked questions.

The Hunter Wiki:
Any issues with installation or account, contact: [email protected]
Developer News and Blog:
Status of Servers:
How to post trophy shots on the forum (Welsch):
Some tips about earning EM$ (ElusiveShadow):
Fraps Guide - Video / Screenshots (ronMctube):
theHunter store reviews:

A handful of simple rules for a successful hunt (MonacoSteve):
Video Tutorials (ReinerK):
Scents and Callers Guide (MonacoSteve):
TruRACS Antler Scoring Guide (MonacoSteve):
Pheasant Shooting (ColoradoKid):
Pheasant Shooting in the in-game Tutorial (HooCairs):
Record Book Mule Deer (ManacoSteve):
Moose Bow Shooting (RangerV1):
Bear Baiting (Expansive Worlds):
Bear Baiting (ColoradoKid):
Roe Deer Hunting (ronMCtube):
Coyote Hunting Guide (Flanker305):
Golden Treestand (Whitehart Hunting Guide by Flanker305)
Whitehart Hunting Guide (RonMctube):
Long Range Shooting (HooCairs):
Organ Maps (Jimmy1508):
Real-Time Statistics Application (mcbacker):

Maps (NAOutdoors):
Animal Locations (HooCairs):

Permitted ("ethical") Weapons (from Wiki):
Weapon Ballistics (Expansive Worlds):
Callers (HooCairs):
Different Sights Setup (MrEnzo):
Quick look at weapons / iron sights / scopes ( \m/ ):

Forum Signatures
Official Signature (Expansive Worlds):
Signature from redscorpion71:
Signature from Destos:
Signature from Shadowhunters:

Other Active Forums
German Forum:
French Fansite:
Brazilian Forum:
Polish Fansite & Forum:
Spanish Forum:
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Re: New Player Information Compilation

Postby Welsch » August 13th, 2012, 10:52 am

If you want to discuss about this post or have a suggestion, please go here: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=36230

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