Huntable Animals Condensed Guide

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Re: Huntable Animals Condensed Guide

Postby InvisibleFlame9 » September 2nd, 2023, 2:23 am

One more thing, I don't know if this needs to be said, and it's something I feel the need to say to clear my conscience of something.

You see, in the past there have been times where I posted things I look back and think that I was not posting in my best judgment, for example one of my harsh replies in this specific thread, or maybe I was responding to a poster in an overly harsh way in other posts. Undeniably, I've had my moments in the past. I don't have the ability to change what I posted in the past, but I've learned to be more careful with what I say in the forums. If in the past my posts offended others, I'm sorry!

As I said, I wish I could change some of my old posts that I would now regret coming from a different head space and fresh perspective, but it's there. If I offended anyone, I hope you will forgive me! Happy hunting!

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