Flanker305's Coyote Hunting Guide (UPDATED: hunting map)

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Re: Flanker305's Coyote Hunting Guide (UPDATED: hunting map)

Postby Flanker305 » October 15th, 2021, 2:36 am

BCKidd wrote:
Flanker305 wrote:
BuiuRei wrote:Hey! Welcome back.
I'd say it still works just fine. The render distance change didn't change much regarding normal hunt tactics since the callers work just as they used to, distance wise, and the only change to whi was the introduction of the bobcat, but that didn't change anything regarding the yotes, afaik.

I see - thanks!

BCKidd wrote::shock: No kiddin...! Nice to see you Flanker. ;) Respectfully,


Hey! Nice to see you again too!

Are you going to jump into one of the community comps sometime? It would be cool to see you in one or the other. ;) Respect,


Heh! It would be cool, but I can't man.
I haven't even set up my PC for a loooong time now.
Having 3 kids now with some of them going out for sports a few times a week, along with the usual job really sucks up my free time :cry:
I've got involved in the NeedForSpeed NoLimits community a bit, since that's an Android game. But that's about it for the gaming, currently
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Re: Flanker305's Coyote Hunting Guide (UPDATED: hunting map)

Postby Deconstructed » December 2nd, 2021, 12:26 pm

Flanker305 wrote:I was thinking: does this guide still apply?

Pretty much. The Bobcat can throw a wrench into things and having yotes and elk share spawn locations can means finding elk sometimes rather than yotes so more leg workk can be involved but all the travel routes are unchanged.

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