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Re: Air guns!

Postby DaveyCockett » April 18th, 2018, 8:22 am

Hey guys huge airgun fan. I have too many to list so I will mention only the ones I cherish. Have two Benjamin Disco's both have been highly modified and can shoot .5" at 55 yards all day long, and both love the air arms 13.4g in .177. Took 3rd in the nation with one of em in 2016. My favorite is my 2016 Nevada state championship 1720T pistol made by crosman. Took 3rd in the nation with the pistol as well. It shoots air arms 8.4 like a dream. I built a 1322 pump pistol into a 14ft/lb tack driver with an 18" barrel, high end moderator and fully tuned trigger and internals. Shoots the Air arms falcon 13.4 from 11y to 22y it shoots so flat no hold under or over. And super tight groups out to 55y. It was my prize for placing 3rd in pistol and rifle in the crosman all american challenge. But my go to gun is my benjamin trail np1 break barrel. Highly tuned trigger and stock built to the hilt. First and only comp I entered with it took second because I broke the scope on day two. Most expensive gun is a Thomas ft rifle I had and quickly returned because it was $5,500 new and could not out shoot my discos in field target comps. But if you strap it down it will put a pellet in the same hole at 55y benchrest.
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Re: Air guns!

Postby L3M182 » April 19th, 2018, 3:59 am

I’ve had many airrifles But my 2 all time favourite were my 1983 HW77 and my daystate harrier X. Both fantastic tools. However. I sold my HW77 and retired my harrier X as it’s just got too much sentimental value to me. Truth is now that I’ve got my ticket . It’s hard to find an area that I’m not better off leaving the £800 airrifle at home. And taking the £150 22LR. With a moderator.


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