Love of The Wilderness, Bushcraft, And Sasquatch

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Love of The Wilderness, Bushcraft, And Sasquatch

Postby InvisibleFlame9 » November 20th, 2017, 10:02 pm

The title says it all. These are three general interests of mine that The Hunter game connects me to. Unfortunately I live in the city without a car and so exploring those interests for me (at the moment) is something I enjoy vicariously through watching YouTube and now through this game. If I had a truck to drive out into the wilderness and explore these interests I'd be out there all the time. Hopefully, one day I will! :)

I'm starting this thread for anyone who shares similar interests who would like to join me in the game (I'm a newbie at the moment), discuss these topics, or generally connect around these shared interests.

For me, and given that my access to these interests are limited IRL at the moment...what can I say. I've had a number of experiences in the past that were totally and utterly unexplainable related to sasquatch. It's not something where I feel I have anything to prove. It just happened and it fascinates me. I don't need anyone else to believe in the things I experienced. Also I don't like 'debating' ... anything. And am not looking for debates about the existence of sasquatch...only looking to connect with like-minded people. :)

I look forward to meeting new people and if you share any of these interests (Love of nature/wilderness, Bushcraft, Sasquatch) I'd be happy to read whatever you got to say in this thread or you can PM if you like. Happy hunting! :)

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