Warframe - Plains of Eidolon

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Warframe - Plains of Eidolon

Postby D3AKUs » October 20th, 2017, 7:39 am

Warframe just recieved the biggest Update they have ever pushed out so far.

Plains of Eidolon

To everyone that doesnt know what Warframe is :

Warframe is a F2P 3rd Person Action-RPG/Shooter with a heavy emphasis on cutomizable Gear and Player-Avatars.

The main Player Avatar in this Game is a Warframe. A living combat Suit.
There is a total number of 34 available Frames at the Moment and the Developers release around 2-3 new ones every Year. There are also Primed Versions of a number Frames available - these are Premium Versions with better Looks and some buffed Stats.

The second big Part are Weapons and Equipment. The Game featues Full-Auto Rifles,Sniperrifles, Shotguns.,Grenadelaunchers, Laserweapons and of course a wide selection of Melee Weapons - pretty much every Weapon u can imagine is in the Game ! Weapons also feature Primed Versions with better Stats and more Bang like the Frames do. New Weapons get released really often.

The Game is driven by a big Storyline and features Cinematic Quests and Sidequests. Each major Plot Quest comes unlocks new mechanics to toy with. New Gametypes and Missions and Quests are also added every now and then. And the Game also features Time based Events with special Rewards from time to time.

U go out alone or in a Group of up to 4 People,select a Mission on a Starcard featuring a wide arrange of Planets and then jump right into the Action.
There is a lot of different Mission Types, to name some examples - there are Defenses, Survivals and Spy Missions.
The Game can be played aggresively or u can stealth your way through the Missions without triggering Alarms and taking out Enemy Units with Executions - this is heavily rewarded in some Missions - like the Spy ones.

When u go out for Missions u gather Experience that levels up your Warframe and your Equipment. Leveling those up will unlock points to customize the Gear towards your Playstyle. U can enhance every Geartype with Mods that u gather in your Missions. These add bonus Stats, more Health, elemental Damagetypes and other stats.

U can also heavily customize the looks of your Warframe and ofc of Weapons and Armor.

The Game features a Store for Microtransactions and Prime Access. U can buy Warframes and Weapons, base Models, in the Store. This is done with a buyable Currency called Platin. Platin comes on a heavy Price but u get BIG discounts every now and then up to 75% ( thats when I ususally Stock up on Platin) or u buy the Steampackages on Sales if u are patient. Prime Access can be seen as a form Membership. They release one every few Month when a new Set of Prime Items is released.
Those Sets are always one Prime Frame,2 Weapons and Accessories. There are different Types of Prime Access avaialbe, offering a part or everything of the new released stuff plus a good amount of Platin to spend. One of them also features a booster to ressource droprates and Experience gathered for i think 90 days. Ofc this will fasten your Progress but it is not needed.

The Main progession in this Game aside from the Story Progression is your Mastery Rank. Leveling up Gear and Weapons nets u Mastery-Points that will grant u a new Rank every once in a while after gathering enough.
U can then perform a Test to raise your Mastery Level.
Some of the Gear is locked behind Master Rankd restrictions.

Spending Cash is mainly used to get Cosmetic Items or ofc boost your Progressions by buying Weapons,Warframes or boosters in the Store if u are impatient.

But the best Part of Warframe is its fair System ragarding Money.

U are not forced to spend any Money for new Equipment , cause with enough Time and Effort u can grind and earn nearly every piece of Equipment in the Game.
U can buy stuff directly from the store or craft it with Blueprints. Some of the Blueprints are available in the Store for ingame farmable Cash, others are Drops, others are researched in the Dojo - the base of a Clan.
Prime Items can also be farmed in Special Missions using artifacts that u get as a reward in normal Missions.

The Game also features a player driven Tradechannel where u can sell stuff like Mods and Prime Weapon and Warframe Parts for Platinum ! So u can earn casshop Currency while spending time ingame and just playing. Awesome ! The amount of available Trades per Day is locked to your Master Rank so as an example a Rank 12 has 12 open Trades per day. Trades also cost an amount of the normal Ingame-Currency (Credits) to perform , depending on the rarity of the desired items.

The only items that are rarely given out ingame and must be purchased from the Store mostly are Fashion items for your Weapons and Frames. Like Armor, Dyes and Synadanas ( Capes for your Back ).
But again with enough patience u can get Platin by trading and buy this stuff later.

Okay enough about the basics now.

Plains of Eidolon is a massive Piece of Content.

And damn is it good !

Before Plains came out Warframe Missions where based on enclosed Levels on the different Planets. Missions would send u to raid a Spaceship or defend some Structures somewhere. Levels were mostly corridors inside buildings or smaller fields outside.

Plains of Eidolon elevated this to a new level by adding the First complete Open Area to the Game. There is plenty to find and much to do on the Plains.

U arrive in a small Village called Cetus, this town is your base hub and u will find vendors and Bounty Missions here that u can perform inside the Plains.
Doing stuff on the Plains will net u Standing/Reputation with the People of Cetus.
This will unlock even more Stuff to do !

U can craft your own Weapons ! U can mine Ressoruces and Jewels with a laser cutter or u can go out and Spearfish !! Yes, u read it right Spearfish :D

Pretty much the most fun part for me at the moment. I fish for hours :lol:
U start with a basic Spear and go out and fish. There 3 different Areas ( Lakes, Ponds and the open Sea ) which all provide a number of different Fish, Fish species can also change depending if its Day or Night in the Plains.
U can then sell fish for Reputation or let them be cut up for crafting materila that u need later.

Raising your Rank with the People of Cetus will offer u more Items to unlock , which will then result in even more Options to do Stuff in the Plains.
Get better Spears to catch harder Fish as an example. Or buy Blueprints for Bait that u can craft from the Materials from cutting Fish. U can even use Dye to highlight Fish in the Water or Pheromons to lure in different Types of Fish.
AND u can mount the really BIG fish and put them in your Spaceship ( the Spaceship is your Headquarter) as decorations.

The Plains offer so much to do.
At night for example u can hunt the Eidolon. A huge sentient Beast that is a relic of a long past War. A really tough Fight that need lots of preparation but can also give u really nice rewards if u manage to defeath the beast.

If u havent tryed Warframe before u should ! Its a great game and if u like good Action and customization, i am sure its something worth a try ! The Spearfishing alone is worth it :lol:
It is an awesome Game and i have already spend over 400 Hours in it since i started playing.

I will gladly help if anyone wants to give it a try send me a PM. We can farm some decent Starter-Gear and get u started in no time :D

Btw Warframe is the most well optimized Game i have ever played and runs and still looks great even on really old Hardware. The Devs put a lot of time into optimization which u can really see. The game looks stunning and offers a lot of graphical Options to make it run smooth on any System !





Heres the official Trailer :)


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