Sherab's firs impression on Call of the Wild

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Sherab's firs impression on Call of the Wild

Postby Sherab86 » August 18th, 2018, 11:42 am

I know there were several threads on the Call of the Wild, but they are quite old by now, and after many, many years (more than 10 propably) I’ve finaly managed to buy new PC. Decent enough to play modern games. Hence I bought the Call of the Wild. And I want to share with you some of my „first” impressions (after few hours of gameplay).

First of all, graphics are stunning! :) But this I knew before, watching some „let’s plays”. But what I mean by this, is also the fact how immersive the environment is. It feels quite „this could be real”. ;)

And I generaly like animals’ AI. I think I haven’t experienced enough, to really compare it to Classic. Still in this area, I accept simpliffications for gameplay sake, and even if animals are „easier” than in classic (however my impression is quite opposite, but maybe I simply haven’t learned game’s mechanics good enough yet), I think they are „good enough”. I really like how herd aninamls tend to create something with really looks and behave as a herd. :) I like idea behind somewhat constant „need zones”. And I like in theory also idea behind „hunting pressure”. However, I’ve read a lot it dosn’t really work (?) as it should in the game.

And finaly, I’m really happy that wild boar that I have shot is really looking like one. ;)

But there are things that bother me.

I’ve noticed that animals in need zones, when they do feed or drink, tend to stand, and stand, and stand in one single place forever. Ok, I think that while they graze in some area, they indeed should stay in this „area” for decent long time, but not by standing still in one single spot. And this is exactly what I’ve observed. This dosn’t look very immersive or reallistic. They should move around soemewhat more, searching for food, walking around a „zone”, and graze, and then – lay down to digest. And drinking is even worse. Not mentioning, that animals seems to drink from „grass” on the field nearby waterpool, rather than from waterpool, they do this exactly same way, as they eat – standing still, and playing drinking animation forever – they have to be really thristy – but who can blame them – how many grass you need to eat to feel quenched?

But… let’s say I can live with that. Bat do you know what really bothers me? You’ve guessed it (propably) – firearms!

I feel some kind of oversimpliffications in this area. And this seems to be (as so far) much worse than in Classic. I’m thinking about terminal ballistics, of course. However, I could complain, that basic (no DLCs) choice of weapons is also quite limited. I don’ t think here about guns’ models so much, but more about aviable calibers. But most „un-easy” for me are two types of ammo for each (most) guns – one of weak penetration, but very good expansion, and second one with much worse expansion, but usualy way better penetration.

First type, of weak penetration and good expansion (with is only „free” ammo, aviable for .243, but payware for any other caliber) is usualy called as „soft-point”. And ok – projectiles of this type usually have worse penetration, or even much worse penetration than, let’s say, FMJ, or full solid rounds. Still, it is hard to believe for my, that .243 caliber, soft-point projectile would penetrate only for single lung of a Roe Deer from 22 meters distance, broadside – and this is exactly what I’ve experienced in the game. I’m preety sure, that IRL this would be at least double-lung shot, if it would not pierce right to the other side, leaving big exit wound. Theorethically, in the game, this is reccompansated by those big expansion – so big „damage” applied by this type of projectile. So with good placed shot, even those single-lung seems to be enough to put down relatively small game like Roe Deer, or even Fallow Deer (but in this case rather not on spot). And I even shot a Wild Boar with it (however I’ve managed to place two shots in it, so it droped quite fast eventually). As for the Classic, I don’t mind animals running after being shot, because this in about 50% the case IRL too (however in game this lowers our score, so…). But this penetration capabilities seems to be very, very wrong… Perhpas even worse than in the Classic, in with case I can justify this to some extend as a way to diversificate different calibers within limited render distance.

On other hand, there is the other type of ammo, usualy called (for the rifles) „polimer tip”, with is expected to penetrate well, but do less „damage” than previous type. I haven’t tested it yet, hence I don’t know how reallistic or not penetration values are. But I have a problem with the name and description to begin with. Polimer type is there mostly for aerodynamic purposes – hence projectile „flies” flatter, loose less speed on the way, hence indeed – it can keep better penetration capabilities over distance. However, some RL data for expanding projectiles tend to show, that best penetration is achieved in relatively small window of about 1600-2200 fps, and it is worse both – belowe, and above this values. Hence, assuming same design, there is not that big difference between projectile with flies with the speed of about 3500 fps, and a one that flies 1200 fps, when it comes to penetration alone (but this is only for expanding projectiles). But… In the game, polimer tip projectiles are supposed to have superior penetration and lower expansion, than their „soft-point” counterparts. Why? Depending on the speciffic design, polimer tip bullets tend to expand quite violently. Even if we assume, those are „premium” bullets of „controlled” expansion, their penetration shouldn’t be really that much better than soft-points, of similar design’s assumptions.

So this make me feel a little bit bad… There would much more sense if there would be a „polimer tip” type as a standard, expanding projectile, and a FMJ or solid bullets as an alternative for really tough game.

This would be all for now.
Best wishes! :)

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