[UNCLOCK BUG] Items still locked

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[UNCLOCK BUG] Items still locked

Postby Riskz » April 5th, 2017, 11:26 am

List of items that remain locked although I have more than enough points/levels:

.44 Panther Magnum 3170/1235
.44 Flat Nose Hard-Cast Bullet 3170/2743
Tru-Vision Tritium Sights (Model H44) 3170/1573
Goshawk Redeye 2-4x20 Handgun Scope 3170/2115

Swift-Mark 5 Bow Sight 5751/5406

Deer "Grunt" Caller 44/37
Moose Caller 44/35

Whitetail Deer Scent 44/31
Wild Boar Scent 44/33
Blacktail Deer Scent 44/39

I've read that other people are having the same problem, I hope this get fixed soon.

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