New Map Revontuli Coast Finland

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Re: New Map Revontuli Coast Finland

Postby BCKidd » May 13th, 2022, 1:01 pm

ronMctube wrote:
BCKidd wrote:What I miss about COTW is the old comps. Is there any hope that we'll see those again? Also, question for the more experienced. When I play COTW I have to always turn on the POI, and when I leave a game nothing is saved and I'm right back at where I started- from previous session. Weapons that I have bought etc., I have to buy again. Doesn't the game save- anymore? I hope someone can answer that- and tell me what I'm doin' wrong, or if I have something "turned off" where do I turn it on? :? Respectfully,


when previous update came out you had to turn on or off the POI. but it should save so maybe something wrong with your save or something as it should stay saved regardless. if on steam could try validating your files. see if anything is missing or corrupt. if that doesnt help. try thehunter official discord support section. hope you get it sorted.

from 4/22/2022

" After the feedback about the change in how POI display settings function which came with the release of the MRP - toggling this setting enables/disables in-game and map icons, together - we’ve split these up so they can be turned on or off separately. "

Thanks Ron, I'll see if that helps. Never even thought about validating. It is weird 'cause I know before if I bought something, the next time I logged in, I still had it. Now I need to buy it all again. Even the in game money is back to where it was before I bought anything, so it is like buy, play, log out, buy, play rinse and repeat. Hopefully, the validation of files will fix this. Keeping fingers crossed. ;) Respect,


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Re: New Map Revontuli Coast Finland

Postby Pittie » May 13th, 2022, 11:24 pm

Have you tried turning off the steam cloud?
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Re: New Map Revontuli Coast Finland

Postby OldMtnMan » May 14th, 2022, 7:28 am

Pittie.......................I'm looking at your avatar. Can you hunt in that shirt and hat and not get busted?

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Re: New Map Revontuli Coast Finland

Postby ronMctube » May 14th, 2022, 9:07 am

Pittie wrote:Have you tried turning off the steam cloud?

if you do this make sure you do regular back ups of your saves. on pc its in my documents and its called Avalanche studios. save that folder somewhere.

steam cloud basically does this for you. so if you turn if off wont be backing up your game.

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