The 6 skills for the pointing upland dogs

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The 6 skills for the pointing upland dogs

Postby GreatBighorn » July 30th, 2017, 7:10 pm

Thinking about the pointing upland dogs again, trying to counting their compatible implement in game i ended up with few ideas about which should be their 6 skills. Keep in mind that these are just some quick thoughts and also selected in a way that lead to new type of dog creation. For example: one of their skills for pointing dogs may be the "soft mouth" like on the retrievers but i though it's better to avoid such unnecessary similarities and focus totally to choose the six most useful skills for a new dog type. I make this topic mostly to hear many ideas about those carefully chosen 6 skills and maybe help the devs to make all this happen counting our opinions about. So, if you read this topic and you interesting about, please post your opinion about those 6 skills for the pointing upland dogs.

1)From how far the dog can sense/ lead you to the bird
2)How well the dog can keep the bird down - prevent it to flush away out of shooting range (eg. in pheasant case sometimes the bird flush than hide even at open areas - especially a big rooster, or just running and then flush when it is into the woods etc. You can imagine about how this skill can work in more bird species like quail or woodcock if some day take place)
3)How well the dog can avoid be distracted by other bird/ animal than the one that it's currently following or pointing still
4)How quick the dog can lead you to the bird
5)How well/ quick the dog can conform to your order and fetching to you the downed bird (it's different than simple fetching since it's not about the dog understand/ find the down bird but successfully obey or not to give you the bird that he holds in his mouth. eg. Imagine a scenario, a young pointer finally let the bird to its owner after several fetching commands)
6)How well the dog follow your command when you order him to flush the bird
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Re: The 6 skills for the pointing upland dogs

Postby Ghostware » December 25th, 2017, 12:37 am

Pointing dogs would be very cool!!

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