3 Things i would like to see added...

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3 Things i would like to see added...

Postby Dazakiwi34 » November 5th, 2018, 9:47 pm

1# Having fun with the dog;
I would like to see something like you could throw a stick and your dog (any dog) will go get it and bring it back and drop it, you pick it up and throw it again. The dog could get excited and bark and race after it. I think this would be fun and considered a mini-game. Maybe you are playing MP and are waiting for a friend to come back to the pc or maybe you just want to play with your dog. There could be a chance of loyalty stat increasing as well, like the odd time. It could you have to press LMB to throw and it will throw when you release the button so you could change how far you throw. However there could be tennis balls that bounce and go further (these could float in the water too). The dog could bark at you if you hold the ball for too long like they do. Would be cool if you could go to throw it but not release the ball and the dog looks around for it for a moment, little things like that would make the dog seem more real. There could be new animals and bark sounds just for this, where the dog can let loose for a bit as it were, something you can do with your dog after a hunt.

2# Request for a separating hotkey for outline of dog;
Currently pressing V hotkey you have the radial menu of commands which gets in the way of seeing the dog if its in front of you, this outline is quite important when working with the Pointer dog. And it can be annoying to not see it properly because the radial menu is obscuring the dog outline. Could we have a separate key for the outline? this would solve this problem. The work around is having to look away a few times to get it right- but sometimes you don't know which way to look because you don't know where the dog is. The alternative could be if the dog outline is getting overlapped the radial menu could go almost translucent. Or implement both so player has choice.

3# Move to command for the dog. (A glowing dot could be where the mouse pointer is to choose a spot);
I can think of one good reason for this if done right, say you want to cross a river that you keep getting half way across then blocked from crossing it (which can be very annoying when you have a bad shot and need to get across quickly) as its only waist height sometimes. What if you could command your dog to go across and it will path find the best route across which you merely follow it across. Although i think the dogs can swim? still maybe rework it so it looks for best path for player to cross over.
The other bonus would be able to get a dog to move behind a tree without having to go there yourself when setting up an ambush for example after call in a deer or what not.
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Re: 3 Things i would like to see added...

Postby xOEDragonx » November 6th, 2018, 12:44 pm

I'm all about having fun with doggies, both real and virtual, but I don't think there's a need for a stick throwing mini-game. It wouldn't really add anything to the hunting aspect of this game which is obviously the center focus. Even if there was a loyalty or bonding stat with the dog that you could increase to make it work better or more efficiently by playing with it, I get the feeling that the majority of players with dogs wouldn't actually care to play with them and thus, would be frustrated that the dog they paid for doesn't do it's best work unless they partake in a mini-game that's being forced upon them. It's a cute idea of course for those players who actually like their dogs, but not one I think will ever realistically make it into the game.

Your second request will probably never happen either unfortunately. I use my dog command panel often, not to give commands but for the exact reason you stated-- to find the dog. I've gotten used to looking up slightly prior to hitting the button so that the radial menu doesn't interfere with me seeing the outline of the dog. The reason I doubt it will happen though is that there's an item in the store called the dog GPS that's sole purpose is for allowing you to find your dog with your huntermate. If they made it really easy to see your dog no matter where it is through the terrain, it would make this item almost completely useless (though someone like me who has gotten used to following the dog without it might argue it's already useless).

A move to command might not be a bad idea. I'm not sure if it would work for the purpose you suggested since dogs can swim in the game and if you command them to go to a point on the opposite shore, they would probably just make a straight line to that point even if it includes swimming. They do occasionally get stuck on the terrain though and a move to command could help the player manual get them out of a tough spot. There are workarounds for this though, such as moving far enough away from the dog that it breaks free from whatever is restraining it, so I'm not sure if we could ever expect to see this option either.

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