Dog Bugs - Compiled

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Dog Bugs - Compiled

Postby TheSheWolf » July 5th, 2018, 8:52 am

Now seems like a good time, with the release of the gorgeous Pointer, to see the dog bugs addressed. There's a couple new ones, and plenty of old ones. I'd love to see another short development pause just to address bugs, particularly #1 which is a big one on everyone's list. I love the dogs, and would love it even more if they were more reliable. List follows--

1. Dogs don't work in Multiplayer - Known Since: Summer 2015
Probably the biggest thing many hunters want fixed. There's been responses that it's hard to pin down; find someone to pin it down! This is a huge issue and renders the dogs unusable for a good chunk of gameplay. It means hunters have to choose between their dogs, or friends & socialization, sharing equipment, etc. Gaming profits are ALWAYS better when players can play together, and draw in more friends. This is limiting that and should be #1 addressed, imo.

2. Scent Hounds can't be given the Track Blood command while you're kneeling - the same now goes for Pointers with the Track Foxes/Geese/Coyote - Known Since: March 2018

3. Switching dogs reverts them to lvl 1 behavior - Theorized in June 2018; untested to my knowledge, though other players are agreeing with it. There's SOMETHING very wrong with dog behavior in terms of performance and reliability. A level 30-odd dog should not be failing half of commands, and half of tracks or retrieves on top of that. It can make for exceptionally frustrating gameplay and may turn people off of buying dogs, and it SEEMS to be linked to the switching out of dogs in inventory. Changing one dog to another seems to drop them back to level 1 ability and behavior.

4. Scent Hounds now use Pointer commands and are bugged - New. The Scent Hounds now have access to Track Rabbits/Birds, but the ability does not function. Their other functionality may have been affected.

5. Dog skill level-ups display incorrect data text - Variations known since 2015, likely corrected but reintroduced in new format
Image - old version. This bug has resurfaced in Scent Hounds & Pointers in the version shown in the image.

6. Pointers lose stamina way too fast - Is this deliberate? The dogs drop from Refreshed to Drained in a medium-length hunt. Compared to Retrievers and Scent Hounds, that is quite poor.

7 & 8. Minor things. There's typos in the German Pointer description ("well trained" and "recieved" instead of "well-trained" and "received"), and the Milk Chocolate verison has a black nose rather than brown (incorrect and actually impossible on a chocolate dog). There's also a typo on the error message "Can't give dog treats right now" where the "treats" has an incorrect apostrophe (displaying as, "Can't give dog treat's right now").
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Re: Dog Bugs - Compiled

Postby Kelfezond » July 6th, 2018, 10:26 am

I would be an incredibly happy man if the pointers stamina and the multiplayer issues were addressed!
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Re: Dog Bugs - Compiled

Postby Zycho » July 11th, 2018, 5:49 am

not a real bug, but a bit weird: why can not Labradors carry foxes?

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