Ducks Spinning Round Dogs Head

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Ducks Spinning Round Dogs Head

Postby Muglug » June 17th, 2016, 12:50 am

I was hunting in Multi-Player (competition: "Flying Blind" had to be in MP).

Althou in MP it was just me and my dog Retriever, when shooting ducks
and sending my dog to retrieve them, on her way back to me the duck would be spinning round her head,

when she got to me and droped the duck it would fly up in the air and land some way from me,
has happened 3 time to me on 4 hunts,

have been lucky and found all 3 by running around looking for the duck(s) (blue track/animal maker).

I have also been on since this happened, and found its happens in Missions and just in normal duck hunting and in single play.

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