Pointer dog lose stamina too fast

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Re: Pointer dog lose stamina too fast

Postby xAncalagonx » July 11th, 2018, 7:48 am

Pittie wrote:Yesterday night my dog (Level 10) had a Stamina of 0%. Today in the morning, about 3 hours RT later, he had 100%. Then I let him search for Ptarmigans on Timbergold. A few minutes later, while his first search, he was again at 0% and stop searching. Now I have to wait again many hours to restore his Stamina. Sorry, but such dog is useless for me.

Your dog is losing stamina because the dog keeps draining stamina as long as it is in the "track" mode.

If you tell dog to go find Birds/Rabbits it will keep running in front of you and search for tracks. This means the dog is actively using it's ability and thus draining stamina.

To preserve the stamina of the dog don't leave it running in "track" mode all the time while you are walking around. Activate the dog when you hear bird sounds, or when you are in an area where you expect there to be birds (seeing tracks and such).

I went hunting for pheasants for near 5 hours with my pointer on Hirschfelden and she never went below 100%. I either used pheasant caller, and when i got a hit I'd send the dog out, or I sent the dog out when I was halfway across a field to make sure I didn't walk into and spook birds in the treelines between the fields.


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