PB reserve and scent hound tracking... not

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PB reserve and scent hound tracking... not

Postby Djehmli » January 29th, 2018, 6:13 pm

There have been earlier posts regarding how scent hounds and tracking in general seem to have been effected in the last update.

My post is about the new PB reserve and my level 22 scent hound.

He cannot track at all, period in PB.

I put him on a blood trail and the moment the blood ends. He sits with the ? and will not go further, even if I take him back a track or two to reorient. Doesn't matter if it is a heart lung shot or a body shot, blood stops, dog sits and whine and cannot/will not go any further. Even if the critter is dead in front of him a few paces.

This is NOT the same reaction he has in the other reserves. He may stop with a question mark once in a while, but I can ALWAYS get him back on the trail, by returning to the last blood spot.

The only time I have a tracking 'failure' on another reserve, is if the tracks just disappear. i.e. I cannot find the next one myself.

The Moose/Bangten/WaterBuffalo competition is where I became frustrated. Perfect tracking on WRR, absolutely worthless with the same type of tracks on PB.

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Re: PB reserve and scent hound tracking... not

Postby TheSheWolf » January 30th, 2018, 1:57 am

I wonder, I was having this too as are many people--can you try it on hogs..? Maybe it's an issue with the new -animals- rather than reserve itself?
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Re: PB reserve and scent hound tracking... not

Postby Seifer » January 30th, 2018, 9:17 am

Posted on another thread, just wanted to mention that my dog swam across one of those wide rivers to track a water buffalo. The dog swam right across, I had to find another crossing near by to get the next track. Did some testing on tracking in PB over the weekend, mostly water buffalo and banteng. I'm not saying that other hunters aren't having issues but my dog was largely successful tracking there.


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Re: PB reserve and scent hound tracking... not

Postby xOEDragonx » January 30th, 2018, 1:30 pm

And just to make the matter more difficult, as I've also been posting on these various hound threads as well, I feel my issue is quite the opposite of OP's. Piccabeen Bay has been the only map where I've been having any tracking success lately with the dog (Although, still much lower success then I've experienced in the year prior to PB release. Dog has successfully tracked most of my kills on PB but rarely ever on the first command, he does a lot of freezine/pausing on PB). I've yet to have the chance, but when I do I'll try running a test of my own with crippling/tracking different species on different maps. I'll make note of map, species, blood type, and the dog's responses during tracking (distance he freezes, when he gives up, if starting him over is successful, etc.)

I think the bottom line here is, even though the issues those of us having troubles are experiencing might not appear very consistent, there IS something going on with the scent hound that wasn't there before ROUGHLY the PB release. We just have to figure out what's triggering that issue so we can hopefully create a helpful bug report.

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