Driven hunt dog

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Driven hunt dog

Postby lucasfridell97an » January 22nd, 2018, 3:44 am

maybe a dog that can search up the animals and work around it. So it stays at one place and then you can begin to sneak up on the barking of the dog and hopefully get a chance to shoot, but if your not carefull the animal will spook and flee away and why do i want this ?

because me and my friends often make driven hunts and its not so realistic to go around in the woods and shoot into the air and that process fixes the dog. like in sweden where i live we often use driven dogs that search for the animals and start to bark when its close/ see the animal.

And all around the area there is hunters in stands and hopefully get a chance on the animal. so you could choice if you want a driven hunt dog or a ´´standing dog´´ if you know what i mean. and you can always see the dog because of the gps to the dog. just one suggestion I have to make the game a little more realistic. and if someone doesn´t feel that it isnt realistic well dont buy the dog, and if it isnt legal to do it in someones country, well many things in the game isnt legal in sweden ;)

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