My dog ran away from me and jumped a cliff

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My dog ran away from me and jumped a cliff

Postby VonStratos » March 11th, 2019, 7:19 pm

No joking, i know my Scent Hound and have had bad times but this went to far. i was in the high mountain of WRR with my Scent Hound when the dog first started to walk away from me in a straight line, so i called him and he ran away fast like the wind towards the mountain cliff, i went after him yelling "Wellington wait i can change!" but no good, he went and disappear in the void... now i feel very rejected by a suicidal virtual dog.

Ok to put the thing in context and see if this was some silly bug, I was in the plains in WRR with my dog, i made a FT to my tent which is located up in the mountain, normally my dog stay next to me like after any FT, but this time he immediately went walking in a straight line towards the direction where i was in the plains, so i called him to make him turn and come to me, and that's when he ran towards the direction before mentioned, what i think happened is that for some reason the dog was teleported but was still registering that i was not, so he went to my last known position, that could be a little bug, and is the weirdest thing my dog has made, and that's counting that time when he did bite my butt. :?


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Re: My dog ran away from me and jumped a cliff

Postby curlyCoyote » March 11th, 2019, 7:38 pm

Maybe you are a bad owner? Or do you not feed it :P


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