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Re: pointer dog

Postby OldMtnMan » May 18th, 2022, 1:25 pm

FullDiesel wrote:
OldMtnMan wrote:Devs should have used the pointer like the real dog. For pointing flushed birds. Another name for the pointer in some parts is bird dog.

The german pointer does more than that. If you search the internet you'll see he can track a wide range of animals, even deer. As far as I remember I definitely seen a pointer in action (I don't know if it was a german pointer) against foxes and rabbits. That day foxes were hunted for spreading rabies while the rabbits were hunted for fun :).

I'm thinking of the English Pointer. Is that the German Pointer in the game? I haven't looked to see.

I'm not a fan of letting a dog do what the hunter should be doing. Flushing and retrieving birds if fine. In my state that's all you can use a dog for anyway. So, i'm not alone in my thinking.

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Re: pointer dog

Postby Sudge » March 18th, 2023, 3:34 am

jan333jan wrote:hello,
i have question about pointer dog. is any way how to check what kind of prey he actually tracking? because there is multiple options in each chose . for example i click track foxes /gooses/ coyotes in Hirschfelden how i can check if he looking for foxes or gooses?
does it help if i start search in place where already on the ground any kind of track? or just start tracking right when i spawn next lodge? does anyone have usefull tips or can place here link where i can learn somthing about how pointer work? thanks

The only way to tell which species within a selected category your pointer is actually tracking is to check tracks that are on the path your dog is taking. Yes, it's a pain when hunting rabbits in Val des Bois and he's continually tracking those confounded Grouse. However; I find most hunting reserves create very little issues.

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