Issues after the 6Th october patch

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Issues after the 6Th october patch

Postby ehr_kimahn » December 14th, 2016, 4:53 am

- Eden Primal map bug (no vegetation in background), not resolved

- Inventory bug, not resolved :

- Sometimes server bug, not resolved :

- Scope bug, not resolved :

- Sound problem, not resolved : Sometimes, the cry of the t-rex repeats as a striped disc.

- Pathfinding et AI behavior problem, not resolved : The dinosaurs are blocked in the environment and when you're on a rock, the dinosaurs do not react anymore. I killed 3 t-rex with the axe during my last session (it's limit of the cheat, but the game is so).

- no communication.

I mean I feel like TheHunter:Primal still has potential, fix the serious bugs, Add some new dino's, redesign the hit boxes and A.I, and you'll have a pretty nice game.

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Re: Issues after the 6Th october patch

Postby maros.kuzar » December 14th, 2016, 8:30 am

I completely agree, it is fun game to play sometimes. And I experience basically everything you mentioned, big time. Especially the inventory bug, that's the reason why I stopped playing Primal completely.

I wish that if they are willing to abandom the game, at least they fix it to the playable state. Righ now it is unplayable (from a long term point of view), and is really giving EW bad reputation.

TBH in this state the game is right now, I would not get it even if it was for free.

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