Please :Urgent attention required for latest problems Nov 27

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Please :Urgent attention required for latest problems Nov 27

Postby DanthemanBoone » November 26th, 2016, 5:57 pm

There has been a further disturbance in the force over the last two days.
Loadouts at game starts are not the same as loadouts on exit.
This can vary between extra weapons ammo and gear to complete loss of the same.
So far I have only experienced extras at up to 250% of capacity others are reporting total losses.
Errors occur at both game closure and restart and also at deaths when the dead cache is not returning the correct equipment, or none at all.

please check the following links for more in depth anecdotal reports. ... 779350699/ ... 790235446/ ... 781079191/

Would any Moderator checking this post please make the appropriate people on the primal dev team aware.
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