This game is dead ?

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This game is dead ?

Postby ehr_kimahn » October 30th, 2016, 6:14 am

Lot of problems, and lot of messages of disappointment on STEAM.

TheHunter:Primal is broken. The release of the new map for Thehunter is finish, it's a good work, why destroy Primal in parallel ??

Example, the last messages posted on STEAM forum

[quote=Omnibune;305509857568789709]Damn I was thinking of buying this game too, I read lot of comments about crashes how the devs gave up. ow sadly that seems true.I hope not and please keep in contact if it's just glitchy, seems fun as hell and for 3.99 on sale it's a steal, but don't want to buy broken game. Hope to meet and play with you all. [/quote]

[quote=♡ Violet ♡;305509857568276705]Give it a go!!! It has not worked ok for me 3 times... god only knows what happened for around 2 weeks though. :0 [/quote]

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Re: This game is dead ?

Postby willybepop » October 30th, 2016, 1:27 pm

You're beating a dead horse, I mean dead game. EW gave up on TheHunter: Primal. They did a survey about a year ago and then stopped. I really enjoyed it. Had a lot of fun playing with my wife.
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Re: This game is dead ?

Postby BucksNBuffalo » October 30th, 2016, 1:38 pm

Yes, unfortunately that is the sad truth. Primal is dead, EW has no intentions of doing anything else with it. Most if not all of the people in EW that worked on Primal are now gone from the company, and they let it die a long time ago. It's a sad shame because I LOVED Primal as well. So many good times with friends, so many harrowing T-Rex battles, but alas I also gave up hope on it a week ago and uninstalled it for the time being. TheHunter here is EW's baby and cash-cow, and will always get first priority. Primal COULD have been something truly special, but sadly EW didn't see it that way. I do admire your convictions, but you need to see the truth for what it is. It's over, man. You're just yelling at a brick wall.
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Re: This game is dead ?

Postby Dirtclod » October 30th, 2016, 9:35 pm

Probably a nieve hope but it would be nice if EW would sell it to another developer. Perhaps the code is too messed up for anyone to take it. Like I said. Nieve.
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Re: This game is dead ?

Postby hunterPRO1 » October 31st, 2016, 11:37 pm

I also liked primal, would be nice to see something done on it.
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Re: This game is dead ?

Postby DanthemanBoone » November 26th, 2016, 6:59 pm

Not quite dead.
But since Friday ... back in the intensive care ward again.
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Re: This game is dead ?

Postby Eraser_SK » November 28th, 2016, 3:59 pm

Best review on steam:



This is one of my favorite alpha games ever to hit Steam.. And It's a damn shame I have to stomp it into the ground because during the estimated 1-2 years of work I expected this game to take before beginning to reach a finished state, the developers had a stroke of genius and decided that it would be a good idea to call this HEAVY ALPHA GAME a FULLY RELEASED TITLE after being on Steam for only 5-6 months. Doing so, Avalanche Studios have yet again showed the world that they do not give a damn about actually delivering a polished product to customers and fans alike and instead falsely advertise & release yet another unfinished glitch-fest onto Steam like a big, flaccid díck onto your dinner table, expecting a price-tag of 30€ for an experience you can expect out of a glitchy tech demo.

I mean holy hell. They JUST spewed out a new dinosaur with this "release update".. AND IT HAS NO TESTING DONE TO IT WHATSOEVER. If you still insist on buying this garbage, kindly make note of the following issues the game currently has:


1. Animations for both dinosaurs and players are on a "Proof of Concept" level at most, and when combined with point 2, It makes for a disgusting game-play experience as far as immersion is concerned.

2. The AI is absolutely atrocious. All dinosaurs can get extremely stuck on certain hills, get seizures or freeze up indefinitely if you decide to go up on a rock, the T-Rex can use you as a surf-board and stand ontop of you indefinitely without being able to attack if you go prone and have him not see and "aggro" you directly (Realistic, right?), The smallest of dinosaurs can take 10+ shotgun slugs to the head (and smash their skulls to thousand pieces) and still be alive & charge your person endlessly with no difficulty or signs of being stunned whatsoever, T-Rexes can with a 100% accuracy pinpoint your location If they hear you, say, walk at a steady pace 500 meters away, they WILL rush your location and insta-gib you unless you log out. Fun fun fun!

3. The game has a disgusting lack of realism. Building on the previous statement of the dinosaurs having nonexistant AI in regards to stun or reactions overall, the game does not allow you to do VERY basic things like jumping while also having an absolutely broken "Hit-detection" system whereas you can know the exact angle and 3d space of say, a raptor's heart, shoot it with a shotgun slug.. And have the bullet either go through him completely, missing all organs or hit another bodypart. It's disgustingly random and sometimes, you can even get one-shot-kills without hitting any organs - and have no damage show up in the dino death re-cap window. There are also another giant design problem and that is the way that foilage works in this game. Dinosaurs do not say, leave grass bent or otherwise moved when they pass through it. It's like they're ghosts, so every time you chase or otherwise look for a dino where foilage is thick - you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE IT. EVEN IF YOU KNOW IT'S RIGHT INFRONT OF YOU IN THE GRASS. It is one of these GIANT design issues that force you to avoid grassy areas all-together and it really brings light on how much of an alpha game this shít of a title really is.

4. The game is very unoptimized. Most PC's struggle to run this game and while I didn't have any particular big problems myself, the forums speak for themselves though and following the numerous complaints I saw, I made a closer inspection and did infact see that my G-Card had a tendency to being extremely hot when playing.

5. The developers do not take advice or read the forums. Ditto. It took them literally 3-4 months to notice a typo in the forum section called "Thoughts & Suggtesions" or something like that and that's just a depressing realization as there are literally hundreds of posts made - Not ONE of them has seen their ideas/suggestions been implemented into the game.

6. There is legitimately no goal in this game. You roam around like an idiot (sometimes for a whole hour or more if you're unlucky), looking for dinosaurs with a shoddy bow and If you want to have different weapons, you HAVE TO <-- go to a pre-defined location and rummage through larger crates... Or die and go to the store that have rétárded level restrictions on all weapons & ammo that can sometimes require you to kill literally hundreds of dinos before having THE OPTION <-- to spend your own points to spawn with the gun you want next time you die. Crafting? End-game? Goals? Plot? Story? What's that?

7. Sounds are downright broken and extremely confusing. Your own footsteps can make stomping noises with that of a T-Rex if you take small steps and listen carefully while certain raptors simply have no sounds to them at all except the standard "chop" attack bits while others have loud yelping calls, aggro noises, etc etc. While It certainly has jump-scared me a few times to get my buttocks suddenly chewed on by something that didn't make even the tiniest of noise, having some raptors suddenly become Batman in the Jungle while the rest are akin with that of howler monkeys is not a good as far as gameplay consistency is concerned.


Avoid this game and for the love of god, avoid the developers just as much. unless you enjoy being ripped off.

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