Update the game (improve AI) and communicate better, please

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Update the game (improve AI) and communicate better, please

Postby ehr_kimahn » January 17th, 2016, 5:38 am

I appreciated that developers work again on Primal. It is a great game.

I find so interesting the behavior of hunting of the various species of dinosaurs, but the behavior of dinosaurs is too predictable today. Furthermore, dinosaurs become really stupid in front of several players (in multiplayers session), or when the player is in an impregnable shelter (the player fires and the dinosaur doesn't move ). Movements of dinosaurs is also a problem : they are too often blocked in the objects of the landscape (walls, rocks, slopes...) that they do not by-pass. The interest of the game are really credibles dinosaurs and realism of their behavior, it's a hard challenge for developers :)

If the game was regularly updated, it would interest more and more players. I see it with my friends who find the game at the present too buggy and poor in contents, while I find brilliant the principle of the game. The island has a good atmosphere, dinosaurs are modelled well.

Finally, this game also suffered from a very bad communication. Build awareness your "road map", your projects for this game, communicate more on your works.

I hope that developers of Expansive Worlds will read this message....
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Re: Update the game (improve AI) and communicate better, please

Postby panter2016 » October 4th, 2016, 10:15 pm

I really hope so, no reason for them not to earn some extra money. Make dlc`s , or just release new dino species, i would gladly pay for them.

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