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Re: F.A.Q.

Postby Lawger » December 16th, 2014, 10:28 am

HooCairs wrote:
Lawger wrote:A couple of questions have arisen for me during the first couple of sessions, hope someone can answer this. First of all I'm not crazy about the fact that your inventory isn't secure. I like to be able to choose my loadout and go hunting and I don't like the idea of loosing my stuff. How will this work when they implement the in game store where you'll be able to buy stuff using an in game currency? Will you always risk loosing your stuff? And just how persistent is this persistent inventory? On my first session I picked up a .308, a shotgun and a .44 revolver. I only had the .308 equipped and the others in my backpack because I couldn't find ammo for them. Next time I logged in the .44 and the shotgun were gone. Do you only get to keep stuff that you have equipped while loosing your backpack stuff or was this a bug? Thirdly, they talk about finding stuff in crates, unless someone else has got to it first. Now that only concerns people in the same MP-session as you right? But I really want to know if the content of the crates is static across sessions on your account as long as no one else plays on the same session. If I have stuff I want to keep but can't carry, can I put it in a specific crate and trust that it will remain there until I move it, all while playing single player? It would really suck if people on completely different sessions could raid the stuff I've collected but couldn't carry at the time.

I'll send feedback on this eventually, but I really don't like how temporary everything feels, like there's no real progress across sessions. All of the map that you've explored, the map segments you pick up, waypoints, etc. and apperantly sometimes also the stuff you have in your backpack gets lost when quitting and starting a new session. It's no fun to have to start an almost completely new game every time you log in to play. Other than that I'm really digging this game, and I think it'll be brilliant upon release.

Good point, once you buy stuff you will want to keep it permanent.

As far as stowing into chests, the chests stay around only in your active session, and only if there is something in them. Empty chests are removed. Stowing does not make much sense because the items do not survive a game restart. I usually get rid of the bow once I have a gun and ammo for it. If you have a good gun, you can survive longer and just defend yourself enough to make it to the next chest in case you want to further rearm.

Overall this does not seem a game for building a character over time and then just keep adding, as long as there is no way to save items over different sessions. You will lose everything sooner or later. Goals are more or less short term. Killing a T-Rex could just bleed you out enough to not survive the next raptor horde attack.

Thanks for the info. Well, I do hope they change that part for the final game. I know I'll be giving them feedback in that department at least. Some sort of character building is necessary to give this game some depth and make it something you want to keep returning to IMO. Some sort of safe inventory with a way to keep more stuff than the very limited amount that you can carry at any one time, and the ability to pick up exactly where you left off the last time would be a lot better than to always have to start over almost from scratch. Your exploration should be kept as well. I think that you should have the ability to select one of the settlements you've discovered to start the game from, and a personal storage system where you can put stuff down in a special chest at every settlement and pick it up from a similar chest at another settlement, that stuff gets saved there and is tied to your character so no one else can touch it.
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Re: F.A.Q.

Postby chewik » December 20th, 2014, 2:37 pm

Lawger wrote: the very limited amount that you can carry at any one time

that is because all clothes take some backpack space. boots, gloves and hat have capacity cost 0.5 each, pants and t-shirt 1.0 each.

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