Wounded animal crash bug [3846]

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Wounded animal crash bug [3846]

Postby vittring » March 31st, 2015, 11:04 pm

Game Mode: MP

This one happens every now and then in multiplayer.
Any map, at least 2 players, over 1 hour of playtime.
Possible to replicate.

Scenario: An animal in wounded by a player and then left to roam for a long time, outside render distance. (in one case it was 2.5 hours from first wound to killshot)
After the animal has been running around wounded for a long period of time the animal is shot by another player, the game can crash for the player who shot that animal first, hours ago. I'm sure many have encountered this bug, I'm very sure this is what happens as the crash happens only for the player who shot the animal first and exactly at the same time as the animal is killed or harvested.
And the crash have happened under this circumstances for me and freinds many times.
It have happened so many times now I'm pretty sure I can rule out other reason why this happens.

This should be able to replicate easily by just wounding an animal and let someone else shoot it hours later.

System win7 64bit

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